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PallyCon is a cloud-based content security service.
Experience a fast and easy end-to-end service from content conversion, DRM, to forensic watermarking!

Product Details

Main Features

Cloud Service

With cloud-based SaaS service
you can easily and quickly link without additional building process.

Outstanding Reliability and Security

With over 99.95% of availability and service,
it fulfills the high security requirements of premium contents.

Support of Content Workflow

From content conversion, DRM, to forensic watermarking
end-to-end service of content security is provided as a one-stop solution.

Multi-DRM license service

This is a license issuing service and content key management for PlayReady, Widevine Modular, and FairPlay Streaming.
· Cloud-based SaaS service
· Various linking APIs
· Over 99.95% of availability and high security

Client SDK

This product helps fast and easy application of DRM to applications, such as PC, mobile, and smart TV
· Fast and easy client development
· Support of download and offline scenarios
· Support of expanded client devices
· Exceptional security

Contents Packaging

This is a tool for encrypting original files and applying DRM for content protection.
· Support for various encryption environments
· Creation of DASH and HLS contents
· Support of prior encryption method and real-time encryption method
· Support of various encryption options

Forensic Watermarking

This prevents illegal leakage of contents by embedding unique information of the user.
· Fast and easy establishing as a SaaS
· Provides an integrated packaging feature: Supports even cases where watermarking is not applied
· Strong watermarking in compliance with the MovieLabs certification


You can use the service without burden as a meter-rate system that is charged by the amount you use only.

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  • 1,000 times monthly license issuance
  • 50 monthly default users
  • 60 days of usage period
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  • Unlimited plan
  • Unlimited use

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