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GAME Platform On the real Time(GAMEPOT)은 게임에 필요한 기능을 쉽고 빠르게 구현할 수 있도록 안정적인 인프라와 SDK를 함께 제공합니다.

Fast and Easy Implementation

of Essential Games Features

This is a service for the fast and easy implementation of features that are necessary for games. The SDK included in the GAMEPOT service contains not only a general authentication or payment feature, but also additional features, such as various types of statistics, monitoring, and PUSH. This enables you to just concentrate on developing the game content.

SDK Platform Supporting Various Features
In addition to the authentication and payment features necessary for games, an environment for fast and easy implementation of various features, such as PUSH, SMS, statistics, and advertisements, is provided. You do not have to consider a separate development period for SDK.
Dashboard With Improved Convenience
An additional dashboard is provided with maximized convenience of setup and management. You can easily check statistics to manage and operate the various features connected to the SDK more conveniently.
Guarantee of Stable Quality and Reliability
The SDK is provided along with the stable infrastructures and services of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. The infrastructure is provided separately for each user so that the reliability on data can be improved and the service failure risk can be resolved.
Cost Reduction
You can minimize the development resources for developing the features and also reduce costs on functional improvement or maintenance. You can concentrate solely on developing high quality content for users and thus expect a higher profit.

Detailed Features

Support for SNS Login

Fast and easy login is supported for various portal and SNS accounts (Google, Facebook, Game Center, KakaoTalk, or Naver).

Payment Link Support

Because the payment modules for Google, Apple, One Store, and My Card are included by default, you can link the features from handling payments to verifying receipts and managing cancellation of payments with just one line of source code.

Powerful Dashboard for Operating Various SDKs and Services

With a built-in SDK needed for the dozens of external advertisements and statistics, features can be implemented without additional development. You can also analyze and manage the status through a powerful dashboard.

Management Features Required for Game Operation Such as Coupons and Events

Various types of events and marketing activities are possible by providing bulk creation, management, and statistics on event coupons.

Various Features for Improvement of Operational Convenience

Various features that are required for general operation and management, such as service information, forced updates, and scheduled checkups are built in to increase the overall operational convenience.

Product Classification by Service Scale

Product Classification by Service Scale
Customer TypeCustomers who want only the essential features, such as login or paymentCustomers who want additional features, such as easy management and PUSH in addition to login or paymentCustomers who need all features required for game operation in addition to the common essential features, such as login, payment, and PUSHGame publishers who must manage many games
Recommended scaleDAU 1,000 – 2,000
Small scale games
DAU 2,000 – 6,000
Medium scale games
DAU 6,000 – 25,000
Large scale games or
foreign game publisher
Game publishers only
FeaturesProduct for game services in their early stages due to easy implementation of login, payment, and simple statisticsProduct for companies that have implemented all of the common and essential features required for games
Development costs can be reduced by minimizing the need for separate development.
Product that includes various features from pre-reservation until the actual event with a continuous inflow of users
Efficient operation can be gained in addition to reduced development costs.
Product for publishers that provides managed services, such as technical support,
in addition to various game management features
1,000 - 2,000
Max. DAU
Max. DAU
70,000 – 120,000
Max. DAU
  • If the processable DAU is exceeded, it is recommended that you change to the product tier above the current one in order to maintain service quality.
  • Max. We are not responsible for temporary processing delays that occur by exceeding the DAU. Contact the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM in advance for large scale events.

List of Functions by Product

List of Functions by Product
Login (Guest, Google, Apple, Naver)OOOO
Payment (Google, Apple, One Store)OOOO
Message (SMS, PUSH)*-OOO
Concurrent Users-OOO
Forced Update-OOO
Scheduled App Check-OOO
Image and File Upload/Download*-OOO
Statistics/Advertisement SDK-OOO
Remote Configuration-OOO
Statistics (DAU, MAU, NRU)-OOO
Cafe SDK--OO
Statistics (Retention)--OO
Customer Support--OO
Managed Service & Customizing---O
  • * Additional fees will be charged for additional services connected to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, such as CDN, PUSH, Object Storage, and Effective Log Search & Analytics log analysis.

Pricing Information

  • In cases where other related services of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM are being used, additional costs may be charged on these services.
  • Usage fees for SDKs, infrastructure, and the network are included in the usage fee.
  • Additional costs may be charged if dedicated offline technical support, consulting, or on-demand support is required. Please consult the sales department through the [Contact Us]menu.

Usage Price

Hourly rates are charged depending on the product rate.

Usage Fee
(Excluding VAT)
Product TypeRecommended CustomerUsage Fee (Per Hour)
BasicDAU 1,000 – 2,000 Small scale games750 KRW
ProDAU 2,000 – 6,000 Medium scale games3,700 KRW
BusinessDAU 6,000 – 25,000 Large scale games or
overseas game publishers
8,200 KRW
PremiumLarge game publishers onlyInquiries
  • Premium products are products managed exclusively for game publishers. For more information about the fees, contact us through the [Make an Inquiry] menu on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

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