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NAT Gateway

비공인 IP를 가진 다수의 서버를 인터넷 상의 공인 IP를 가진 고객의 호스트와 연결할 수 있습니다.

Providing External Connection Using Main Public IP on a Number of Servers with Private IP

NAT Gateway allows internal servers with private IPs to communicate with the outside just like with a Public IP service. But different from the Public IP service, it provides improved security since direct access from outside is not permitted. Also, unlike the method of one server using one Public IP service, many servers can connect with outside by sharing one NAT Gateway.

One Main Public IP
The main public IP used for external connection via NAT Gateway is an exclusive IP used by the NAT Gateway. So this does not get changed or shared with other customers. Through this, the firewall can be easily set up on the external server and improved security can be gained.
Reduced Cost for Generating Public IP
If you use NAT Gateway, customers using many servers are not required to create a separate Public IP for each server for external communications. Many servers can share the NAT Gateway for external communication.
Automatic Settings Linked with Auto Scaling
In case a customer using NAT Gateway applies Auto Scaling to extend server, it is possible to automatically apply the existing NAT Gateway settings. Since servers making external connections via NAT Gateway are the same as the existing main IP if seen from the outside, capacity is extended without additional changes to the operation and it helps effective Auto Scaling of users.
Use An Additional NAT Gateway Depending on Need
If it is difficult to set up the desired service using one NAT Gateway, you can simply add more depending on your need.

Detailed Features

NAT Gateway is configured to be internally redundant for stable service. It supports various protocols and provides convenient management features.

High-speed Infrastructure with Redundancy for Stability

Although the customer has requested for one NAT Gateway, all high speed lines and equipment are made internally redundant. So in the event of a failure in the NAT Gateway equipment, it is automatically bypassed real-time using other NAT Gateway equipment. However, you can still enjoy stable operation of the service as no change is applied to the existing main IP of NAT Gateway.

Support of Various Protocols

NAT Gateway service supports IPv4 protocols. Since all sub protocols including ICMP, TCP, and UDP are supported, you can use various applications through the NAT Gateway service.

Easy Management Settings

You can conveniently set up and manage the necessary information through the web-based console menu after creating NAT Gateway. It is possible to change the settings anytime as needed. You can also check the details of settings conveniently at a glance.

Management of Connection Target for Safe Operation

NAT Gateway only allows connection of registered Peer IP. You can fundamentally block unanticipated connections or malicious connections to another external IP by designating and managing the host of customers trying to connect via NAT Gateway service as a Peer IP with the public IP on the Internet.

Pricing Information

TypeBilling UnitsMeter Rate
Usage FeeRetention time per 1 NAT Gateway56 KRW
Data Throughput FeeGB60 KRW
  • [Service Fee = Monthly Usage Fee + Monthly Data Throughput Fee]
    - Usage Fee = Charged on an hourly rate per 1 NAT Gateway
    - Data Throughput Fee = Amount of data throughput transmitted via NAT Gateway
  • [Pricing Example]
    After creating 2 NAT Gateways at 10 PM on 28, November,
    20GB was transmitted from Server A to external IP x via NAT Gateway,
    and 10GB was transmitted from Server B to external IP y via NAT Gateway.
    For this case, the NAT Gateway fee for November is 7,400 KRW.
    (However, the outbound traffic to Internet transmitted from server to external IPs x and y will be charged as the server network fee.)
    - Usage Fee: 50hrs x 56 KRW x 2 Gateways = 5,600 KRW
    - Data Throughput Fee: Since 30 GB of data was processed by NAT Gateway, 30 GB x 60 KRW = 1,800 KRW

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