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Cloud DB for MSSQL

MSSQL 데이터베이스를 클라우드 상에서 간편하게 구축하고 안정적으로 운영합니다.

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Easily build and maintain a reliable MSSQL database in the cloud.

Cloud DB for MSSQL can easily build and manage a MSSQL database in the cloud. The Cloud DB operates reliably with optimized settings that have been verified by NAVER services and can automatically recover from service failures as it is a fully-managed cloud database service.

Quick and Easy Installation
With just a few clicks and no hassle, you can have a ready-to-use MSSQL database server.
Optimized Settings Verified by NAVER Services
Fast and stable operation is supported, built on the experience of MSSQL by NAVER services, without the need for extra configuration.
Superior Availability with Automatic Fail-Over
The Automatic Fail-over feature is provided in case of failure in providing reliable service. You can enjoy high availability without change of application even as you're using the standard edition with low license fee.
Automated Database Backup
Auto backup is performed and the data is kept for up to 7 days. You can restore it to the desired period using backup copy data and create a new MSSQL service.
Monitoring and Notifications
MSSQL and OS monitoring can be used immediately after installation and you can check the operating status of MSSQL through a graph. In case of a failure or an event, you will quickly be informed of the status via email and SMS.
Easy and Convenient Query Analysis
Service performance and stability can be improved by supporting query level performance in one minute units.

Detailed Features

Various features are provided to improve the stability and convenience of the database.

Choose a server type of your need

Select from four-different server types and use the right server for your service scale. You can also change the server type at any time after a simple server restart.

Latest, Most Stable Version of MSSQL

The latest version of MSSQL, the 2016 Standard edition with SP1 with verified stability, is provided.

Autogrowing Data Storage Up To 2TB

A basic storage amount of 10GB is provided and is automatically increased in 10GB increments, up to the maximum of 2TB. You can select HDD or SSD according to the disk I/O rate of your need.

Easy and Convenient Query Analysis

Service performance and stability can be maintained by supporting query level performance in one minute units.

Automatic Fail-Over Support

Cloud DB for MSSQL product creates Principal and Mirror DB servers as default to automatically fail-over to Mirror DB in case of principal server failure. DNS redundancy is provided so there is no need to change the application.

SSMS를 이용하가나 직접 Database를 생성하는 경우 옵션에서 복구 모델을 전체(full)로 선택해야 이중화를 위한 Mirror 구성이 가능합니다.

Slave enabling to read provided

You can create up to 6 slaves, through which you can read, good for the purpose of batch and BI.


"Cloud DB for MSSQL" uses SQL Server, a relational database (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft.

Pricing Information

MSSQL Server

  • If you choose support for high availability, fees for Mirror DB use will be charged in addition to DB prices.
  • The default 100GB disk is for the OS and cannot be additionally extended or added. It is included in the usage fee.
  • The data storage for storing the DB data is charged separately on an hourly rate depending on the usage amount.
  • Cloud DB for MSSQL is a fully managed product and does not permit access to the user's OS.
Fee Table
TypeSpecificationDB Usage FeeMirror DB Usage Price
vCPUMemoryDiskPer Hour/UnitPer Hour/Unit
Standard2 units4GB100GB854 KRW270 KRW
2 units8GB100GB949 KRW365 KRW
4 units8GB100GB1,091 KRW507 KRW
4 units16GB100GB1,291 KRW707 KRW
8 units16GB100GB2,127 KRW959 KRW
8 units32GB100GB2,606 KRW1,438 KRW
16 units32GB100GB4,565 KRW2,229 KRW
High Memory8 units64GB50GB3,087 KRW1,531 KRW
16 units64GB50GB5,748 KRW2,636 KRW
16 units128GB50GB6,177 KRW3,065 KRW
24 units128GB50GB9,449 KRW4,781 KRW

(예) 고가용성으로 이용시 과금 내역 : DB 이용 요금 + Mirror DB 이용 요금
고가용성으로 미이용시 과금 내역 : DB 이용 요금
한 달 동안 DB 서버를 고가용성으로 이용하면 DB 서버 이용 요금은 다음과 같습니다. (한 달을 30일 기준으로 산정)
· DB 서버 스펙 : Standard(2 vCPU, 4GB 메모리)
· DB 서버 요금 : 1124원 (시간당 , 854원+270원) * 24시간 * 30일 = 809,280 원

Data Storage

  • Data Storage is for storing database data. It stores all of the database’s data, such as tables, indexes, and log data.
  • A basic storage amount of 10GB is provided and is automatically increased in 10GB increments, up to the maximum of 2TB depending on the data storage amount.
  • An event notification is sent to the user at every 10GB increment of usage.
Price List
Storage TypeClassificationHourly Fee
HDDPer 10GB of storage0.8 KRW
SSDPer 10GB of storage1.6 KRW

Backup Storage

  • Backup storage is for backing up database data. It saves all data, including tables, and indexes once every day.
  • The backup data can be stored for a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 30 days, and is charged according to the usage time.
Price List
ClassificationSpecificationAverage Monthly Storage Fee (GB per month)
Backup dataPer 1GB of storage100 KRW

네트워크 전송 요금

  • 아웃바운드 트래픽에 대한 네트워크 사용량은 요금표에 따라 과금합니다.
  • 네트워크 사용량에 따른 요금표는 요금 > 리전별 요금제 > Network 에서 확인 할 수 있습니다.

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