Bare Metal Server Update

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High Performance Independent Physical Server in Cloud

Bare Metal Server is a service which provides an independent physical server without a virtualized environment. Since it would be using an independent server without being influenced by other cloud users, stable operation is always possible, even with services that are performance sensitive. It is effective to use when large scale input/output occurs or a fast response speed is required. Meet both a convenient cloud service and a stable hosting service.

Reliable High Performance Server
We provide servers which demonstrate top performance and stability by going through self-tests for many years.
Various Specifications
You can effectively manage the cost of operating infrastructure due to being able to select various server specifications.
Easy Creation and Configuration Changes
You can create an independent physical server in the cloud in less than 30 minutes and select an appropriate RAID configuration method. (RAID1+0 / RAID5)

Detailed Features

Bare Metal Server is provided by installing an operating system right on the physical server without a hypervisor.
You can use it together with regular cloud server products (excluding some features) or use it by connecting with other cloud services.

Connecting with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Services

Since Bare Metal Server can be used as a form of cloud service although it is the method of providing a physical server independently, you can use it by connecting with the various services of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM just like a regular cloud server. (Some services may not be available, including server image, Snapshot and additional storage functions.)

Various Types of OS

Provides various specifications, such as CentOS, Oracle Linux, Windows 2012 R2, and Windows 2016.

Easy Creation and Configuration

If you just select the OS to use and disk configuration, you can be provided with an independent physical server quickly.

Pricing Information

To help you operate your business flexibly in different situations, we offer practical service configuration on an hourly usage-based price plan.

TypeAvailable SpecificationsUsage Fee
CPUNo. of CoresMemoryDiskHourly rate (rate for 30 days)
Bare Metal ServerDual Intel Xeon Gold 6154 (3.0 GHz)36 core384GB RAM2 * 480GB SSD local storage + 2 * NVMe 3.2TB4,728 KRW (3,404,160 KRW) 
Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6154 (3.0 GHz)36 core384GB RAM8 * 480GB SSD local storage3,992 KRW (2,874,240 KRW)
Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4114 / E5-2630 v4 (2.2 GHz)20 core128GB RAM8 * 480 GB SSD local storage2,780 KRW (2,001,600 KRW)
Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4112 (2.6GHz)8 core64GB RAM8 * 480 GB SSD local storage2,362 KRW (1,700,640 KRW)
Single Intel Xeon Silver 4112 (2.6GHz)4 core32GB RAM4 * 480GB SSD local storage1,180 KRW (849,600 KRW)
  • The provided specifications vary depending on the remaining unused bare metal server and zone. Please have this information in mind when creating your environment.

Network Fee

Outbound traffic usage is billed based on the following pricing table.

Network Fee
TypeNetwork SectionUnitUsage LevelMeter Rate (Monthly)
Inbound TrafficAllGBSame for all levelsFree
Outbound TrafficTraffic through the Internet
(including traffic toward another region via public IP)
GB20GB or LessFree
20GB–5TB100 KRW
5TB–10TB90 KRW
10TB–30TB80 KRW
Over 30TB70 KRW
Traffic between different zones via a public IPGBSame for all levels10 KRW
Traffic within the same zone via a public IPGBSame for all levels10 KRW
Traffic between different zones via a private IPGBSame for all levels10 KRW
Traffic within the same zone via private IPGBSame for all levelsFree
  • As of Sep. 1, 2018, new free usage tier will be applied to new subscribers (1TB -> 20GB).

Provided OS

Server Specifications
OSVersion-bitUsage Fee
LinuxCentOS 6.964-bitFree
CentOS 7.464-bitFree
Oracle Linux 6.964-bitFree
Oracle Linux 7.464-bitFree
WindowsWindows Server 2012 R264-bit6.9 KRW / Hourly fee per core
Windows Server 201664-bit6.9 KRW / Hourly fee per core

※ Oracle Linux is supported as an operating system of Bare Metal Server. However, securing license, installation and operation on Oracle database are not supported. Please inquire a partner company of Oracle for related details.

Pricing Information for Server Service Stoppage

  • When stopping a server service, only the fee on the basic disk provided for the installation of OS on some server types will be charged.
  • Fees for other resources connected to the server, such as public IP, load balancer, and additional disks will be charged regardless of server stoppage.
    Please be sure to return the resources that are not used to avoid unnecessary billing problems.
    (Fees on OS and MSSQL will not be charged.)
  • Servers with discounted rates at the time of server stoppage may not stop the server for more than 90 days at a time or for more than a cumulative 180 days within 12 months. Servers that have exceeded the possible period for stopping the server will be withdrawn after notifying the customer. At this time, the customer data stored in the server will be deleted after being backed up and stored by the company for 30 days and the customer can request to reuse the server or recover data only within the storage period. (Details above shall be effective starting August 1st, 2017 when the terms and conditions will be revised, and the suspension period will be calculated based on August 1st, 2017.)
Price List for Server Service Stoppage
ClassificationTarget Server Type
Applicable for Discounts at Server StoppageCompact Server, Standard Server and CPU Intensive Server
Not Applicable for Discounts at Server StoppageHigh Memory Server, Micro Server, Virtual Dedicated Server, GPU Server and Baremetal Server

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