Whatever the database service you are looking for - be it relational or NoSQL databases, big data analytics and processing, or in-memory caching - you can find it on the NAVER Cloud Platform.

  • Extensive experience with data platforms

    You can choose from a wide range of data platforms that suits your business size. NAVER Cloud’s experience in deciding on the right platform and designing architecture for each of the NAVER services lays the groundwork for its database services. Based on expertise in storing and analyzing logs created in large-scale infrastructure, NAVER Cloud also offers a solid log analytics platform.

  • Proven security

    NAVER Cloud’s database platforms have security measures in place to protect your data. With a set of controlling and monitoring tools that enables access control and access segregation, NAVER Cloud puts the security of your databases in your hands.

  • Prompt responses to failures

    NAVER Cloud’s database services are integrated with monitoring tools to detect possible failures and identify the point at which they occur, allowing you to systematically manage events.