Choose from a wide range of data platforms (RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data processing and analysis, memory cache) for your needs

  • In-depth Experience with Data Platforms

    The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM is operated by NAVER Cloud, a company with significant experience designing data platforms suited to different conditions and providing various services related to those platforms. Experience and expertise is what makes the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM one of the world’s most renowned and reliable log analysis platforms.

  • Data Platform
    with Proven Security

    Our data platform is shielded by multiple security components to ensure the complete safety of your data. Advanced tools allow you to easily manage, monitor, and block clients’ and users’ access to controls and services.

  • Data Platform Monitoring for Quick Response to Failures

    The database products of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM help you systematically manage various events in case of failure. Monitoring tools detect possible problems before they happen and identify the point of failure if an issue arises.