• Continuous technological research into a stable storage operation

    NAVER Cloud, which operates the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, applies prompt and safety-guaranteed storage technology to its service via continuous verification on the newest technologies. It effectively manages large data via minimization of saved data and through tiered storage. Cash storage is also implemented for the global service to guarantee a stable service and reduce costs on overseas network.

  • Storage infrastructure
    that is optimized
    on the service characteristics

    NAVER Cloud has been providing a storage infrastructure that meets each characteristic of the 600 NAVER services. Services that require a fast response speed and consistent performance were provided through flash storage and services that require low-speed, large-volume storage space were provided through software-defined storage.
    Data archiving via energy-efficient, high-density cold storage is also provided.

  • A trustworthy data policy that eliminates worries of data loss

    NAVER Cloud has a backup process that prevents data loss no matter what kind of disaster occurs. We not only perform standard backups, but also perform mutual backups within our data centers so optimum reliability can be achieved by restoring from one data center if another is destroyed. Also, we periodically verify the backup consistency and effectiveness in order to prevent and minimize the risk of data loss.