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긴 URL을 짧게 줄여주어 글자 수에 제한이 있는 SNS나 SMS를 이용할 때 유용합니다

The API to Shorten Long and Complicated URLs

Web pages often contain links that are extremely long. The nShortURL service helps you to shorten a long URL so it is less of a burden when using SNS or SMS with character limits. This service is structured in a way so that URLs free of security issues or malicious acts are created, so you can enjoy it without worrying.

Safe Short URL Creation
The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's nShortURL service prohibits the shortening of URLs for malicious websites that may cause harm to users based on the latest updated information on malicious attacks, helping you provide safe URLs at all times.
Easy Use
To ensure that you can use this service on different platforms, a RESTful-type API is provided. The web console provides convenient and easy service.
Range of Additional Features
You can also create a QR code image, another service provided by NAVER, free of charge. Simply add “.qr” at the end of a short URL for the address of the QR code image. You can also utilize this in promotional printouts and websites conveniently.

Detailed Features

Several features validated by NAVER are provided in the API.

Provided Services

The REST API converts the input URL to a shortened URL in the format.
※ An increasing number of users have abused this service to shorten URLs of malicious websites and damaged the credibility of the domain. As a result, the service that allowed users to directly shorten URLs ended in August, 2016. Currently, you can only create short URLs using an Open API.

Basic REST API Information

Table of Basic REST API Information
MethodGET / POST
Authentication(The Client ID and Client secret code issued in advance)
Request URL
Output- JSON / XML
- Hash string: Short URL Hash info
- url string: Shortened URL
- orgUrl string: Original URL
Request variableURL

Using the API

This API is an open API that does not require login. Therefore, to use the service, when making a GET call, you also need to send the Client ID and Client Secret code that were issued when you registered the application in the HTTP Header.

Service Usage Limit

The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM allows you to use the Short URL Conversion service up to 25,000 times a day per application.
If you need to increase the service limit, please contact Customer Support.

The nShort URL service is available free of charge.

You can use the service up to 25,000 a day free of charge. If you need to increase the service limit, please contact Customer Support.

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