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A Pipeline Service for Convenient and Prompt Release of Software

SourcePipeline is a process automation service for fast and stable software release. It is provided by integrating repository, build, and distribution processes to easily release the new features.

Automation of Software Release Process
SourcePipeline has integrated SourceCommit, SourceBuild, and SourceDeploy products to automate the software release process including repository, build, and distribution. Through this, new features can be released promptly.
Configurable Distribution Environment
Pipeline is provided to select the environment of the configured distribution project. You can adjust the execution of distribution by configuring the stage and scenario you want to distribute.
Parallel Execution
Execute the distribution task configured on the pipeline in parallel to increase the speed of the pipeline workflow.
Integrated Management of the Release Process
Respond promptly to minor bugs and errors through the integrated management of repository, build, and distribution processes.

Detailed Features

Integrated Repository, Build, and Distribution Process

We provide a convenient software release process by integrating SourceCommit, SourceBuild, and SourceDeploy products.
You can provide each stage as one pipeline to build and distribute quickly and easily.

Build and Distribution Settings

Apply by changing the settings, such as the build execution command or distribution scenario. You can execute by applying settings on the pipeline even without changing the settings of SourceBuild and SourceDeploy projects.


Pricing Information

In SourcePipeline, fees are charged on the activated pipeline projects.

(VAT Excluded)
ClassificationFree of ChargeUnitPricing
SourcePipeline* One activated pipeline is provided free of charge per month.Activated pipeline projects1,000 KRW / Monthly

Usage Fee

  • SourcePipeline's pipeline project is available for free by the end of the next month after creation.
    (For example, if you created Pipeline A project on January 15, it will be available free until February 28th)
  • Activated pipeline projects refer to one or more pipeline runs in one month, and will not be charged for pipelines that have no history of execution within one month
  • The fee for activated pipeline projects for monthly partial use is not calculated based on days.
    (i.e., if you apply for Pipeline A project on January 1 and execute the code on March 16 after the end of a free service period of about 2 months by February 28, the activated pipeline will be calculated as one case and charged 1,000 KRW)

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