• Optimal for a flexible and reliable cloud environment

    NAVER Cloud Platform has infrastructure and networks with world-class security systems. This reliable operational environment serves as the basis for securely and efficiently managing your business’s invaluable data. Benefit from an enterprise information system built on strong infrastructure, which you can easily and quickly access from anywhere, anytime.

  • A global business solution validated by NAVER and LINE

    Take advantage of actual expertise resulting from NAVER and LINE executives collaborating on the global stage. NAVER Cloud provides an array of solutions to assist your business to grow quickly, handling essential tasks, setting policies by country, supporting multiple languages, and otherwise helping you manage work more efficiently.

  • A smart workplace built on the latest information technologies

    In a fast-changing world where information technologies are introduced at breakneck speed, NAVER Cloud strives to bring new capabilities to businesses. By enthusiastically applying big data, artificial intelligence, and other future technologies to business solutions and continuously making improvements to them, NAVER Cloud allows you to focus solely on your business.