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The Safest Way to Backup Critical Data

Regularly backup and store data on the server with our proven backup solution. We ensure your business continuity through data recovery if any issues occur. The service safely protects critical data with high stability and availability.

Support for a Variety of Platforms and Databases
Backup supports different OS (Linux and Windows versions) and enables online database backup. While recovering data, you can easily check backed up data from another server, as long as the OS is the same as the source. But for databases, the environment of the server to be recovered must be the same as the source server.
Guaranteed Stability
Our reliable backup solution guarantees high stability and availability. Our specialized staff backups your data safely for you and the result is reported to you on a daily basis.
Simple Installation and Use
An easy backup service is possible simply by running the installation script for backup agent installation and configuration. For server backup, you can select the backup targets from a single file to the whole directory. For database backup, you can select from a table up to the entire database. For online database backup, data is saved to a separate backup storage, so you don't need to manage additional volume capacity on the server.
Efficient Cost Management
For efficient backup capacity management, you can use two types of backup: backup of all data for the target, or extraction and backup of changed data only. Backed-up data can be archived for a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 24 weeks, allowing customers to select the appropriate retention period to meet their needs and manage costs effectively. It is economical because there is no need for separate storage space for a backup.

is a service that prioritizes
data loss prevention and backs up your
critical data safely.

Flexible Backup Policy

Set the backup cycle that suits you, from once a day up to once every four weeks. Backup data archiving is planned to be at least twice as long as the backup cycle and can be freely selected from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 24 weeks. The backup capacity is calculated based on the total storage volume and can be flexibly used from a minimum of 100GB to several tens of TB. The maximum daily backup capacity of a single server is 1TB.

Strong Security

A separate firewall feature has been implemented on the backup solution for a safe data backup. The firewall is automatically set when you run the script for the Backup Agent installation.
For a stronger data protection, data encryption for backup schedule units can be supported per request. (Supports CAST-128, AES-256 or CAST 256 encryption)

Remote replication

By duplicating the backup data in local zone to a remote location, it can store customer's critical data more securely.
The retention cycle of the remote replication data is basically same to the backup data cycle of local zone, but is subject to change depending on the request of the customer.

Backup Service Types

· File system backup: Data backup of the server (VM) provided by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM (from a single file to an entire directory)
· Database online backup: Online backup of MSSQL and MySQL versions provided as server images in the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM (Currently only versions verified for data recovery are supported, but other DBMS versions will be supported in the future)

Pricing information

Backs up and stores user-defined data from 100GB to tens of TBs.
Backup service is available on a daily or weekly basis.

Service Fee Table
ClassificationMeter-rate system
Default capacity per 100GBKRW 30,000
Per additional 1GB100GB–1TBKRW 300
1TB–5TBKRW 250
Over 5TBKRW 200
  • The minimum capacity for backup service is 100GB. When the actual usage is 100GB or less, the 100GB fee is charged. If usage exceeds 100GB, the additional usage is charged per GB.
  • (E.g., if the backup service is applied on March 20 and the total usage in March is 20GB, the fee is 30,000 KRW for the price of the basic capacity of up to 100GB.)
  • (E.g. if the backup data usage is 300GB, the fee is 90,000 KRW [30,000 KRW + 300 KRW * 200GB].)
  • If you apply for remote replication, the usage capacity will be double.

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