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IDS Trust is an IT solution specialist providing cloud-based collaboration & communication solutions.

Product Details

Main Features


Familiar Usability

  • Improved user convenience and accessibility with the application of the latest global standards for UI/UX

Electronic Payment Optimized for the Domestic Business Environment

  • Provides an electronic payment optimized to the domestic payment process with 20 years of experience in building solutions

Combination of Cloud & Package

  • Advantages of cloud and package products can be combined

Smart Working Environment

  • Enables smart work anytime, anywhere through mobile apps

World-class Security

  • Safely protects company data through a secure connection (SSL) with both SOC3 certification and SysTrust certification for the first time in Korea.

Main Features


  • Enables batch confirmation of handling duties, such as My Schedule, Mail, and Approval
  • Enables in-house publicity by registering notifications and rolling banners

Electronic Approval

  • Provides a process-centered intuitive and familiar UI/UX environment
  • Checks status of the approval process statistics, as well as pending and ongoing documents, by each individual and department

Bulletin Board

  • Enables integrated posting, which supports various organization types
  • Sets member rights by each bulletin board and sets bulletin board rights by each individual and department

Team Place

  • A method of communicating with a specific organization. A small space is provided as a groupware.
  • Provides a separate portal, schedules, bulletin boards, and a survey for each team place


  • Shares your reservation and reservation status for the various shared resources necessary for work
  • Sets member rights and the approval system, connects with the LINE WORKS schedule, and enables verification of the resources that can be reserved


  • Sets general and anonymous surveys, sends a notification mail to non-respondents, and enables correction of response on the surveys in progress


  • Enables easy access of all groupware information in a mobile device Connection of the LINE WORKS app


  • Automatically blocks spam mail and blocks the sending and receiving of malware
  • A safe mail system that has acquired SOC3, an international security certification


  • Free voice and video call, screen sharing, the only messenger that connects with LINE, and a message bot development tool


  • Enables various types of schedule management through personal and shared schedules, and enables checking of team members’ schedules at a glance
  • Easy and convenient schedule management (setup of repeated schedule or checking member's schedule)


  • Enables sharing of files or folders between company members or departments, and rights of each shared member can be set
  • Convenient and safe sharing of links and synchronize PC and drive files with the drive explorer to increase the convenience of document management

Address Book

  • Check company address book & organization, and search members & auto complete

Video on the Introduction of the Solution


(Excluding VAT)
TypeLINE WORKS LITELINE WORKS BasicLINE WORKS PremiumSmart Runner PlusSmart Runner Premium
Cost (Annual Contract)
Cost (Monthly Contract)
Service Type
3,000 KRW/month
4,000 KRW/month
6,000 KRW/month
7,000 KRW/month
10,000 KRW/month
12,000 KRW/month
7,000 KRW/month
8,000 KRW/month
Cloud / Hybrid
9,000 KRW/month
10,000 KRW/month
Cloud / Hybrid
Address Book
Drive (Individual)-30GB1TB30GB30GB
Public Capacity
Basic capacity - 100GB
Additional 1GB for 1 additional person
Basic capacity - 1TB
Additional 1GB for 1 additional person
Basic capacity - 10TB
Additional 1GB for 1 additional person
Basic capacity - 1TB
Additional 1GB for 1 additional person
Basic capacity - 1TB
Additional 1GB for 1 additional person
Free/Video Call
Main Screen---
Electronic Approval---Basic TypePremium Type
Bulletin Board---
Team Place----

Main Customers

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Product & Technical Support Inquiries

Hybrid Building Inquiries

  • Please contact below if you need to build a hybrid.
  • Tel: 02-550-8145 (Weekdays, 9 AM - 6 PM)

Use Cases

Use Case 1. Daewoong Pharm. Co., Ltd

Smart Runner enables smart work by communicating at the center of work.

Integration of the Legacy System With Smart Runner

· Tasks were performed automatically by connecting with the HR management system and the organization chart, such as automatically adding or deleting an account depending on whether a user joins or quits the company. Over 30 subsidiaries and over 4,000 users could be seen in one organization chart on the screen. With the Single Sign On (SSO) connection, users could access the in-house system conveniently.

Team Place, the Key Space for Organizational Collaboration

· Users with specific purposes gathered together to create Team Place as a space to communicate for work. We could manage things easily by gathering all data created by posts and attachments, schedules, and surveys in Team place to see them at a glance.

Process-centered Electronic Approval Used Together between Subsidiaries

· As an intelligent electronic approval system based on the Korean approval process, all companies of the group are displayed on one organization chart screen to enable approval processing among the subsidiaries. The time for work was reduced with the mobile app notification function, without the restrictions of time and space. Creating and sharing electronic approval forms between the subsidiaries was helpful for standardizing forms and improving the work process.

Use Case 2. RP Corp

It became possible to circulate in-house notifications quickly after the introduction of Smart Runner.

The Portal Site to Check All Groupware Services at a Glance

· The accessibility of work has improved by selecting and placing only the services for the duties important for each individual. The publicity effect could be gained by applying the details to publicize throughout the company to a rolling banner.

Resource Reservation Service Accessible Anywhere

· After making reservations for the necessary meeting rooms and equipment, a connection with LINE WORKS calendar was made so that the work schedule and resource reservation schedules could be seen at a glance. Reservation overviews for each resource group could be checked at a glance. Also, it became possible to make reservations urgently from the outside by providing a reservation feature from the mobile app. Unnecessary reservation time could be reduced by using an additional reservation management feature based on approvals for the sources that need a use restriction.