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Finger Sales is a major domestic CRM solution with more than 12 years of history.
It improves sales and customer management methods for increasing business sales and enables digital sales management by providing systematized information.

Product Details

Main Features

Contributing to an Increase of Sales by Improving Business and Customer Management Methods

The analog customer management method that was conducted by Excel or an individual salesperson is commercialized with systematized digital customer management to enable systematic information administration.
It also focuses on four major factors that influence sales success: business management, sales management, employee management, and client management.

A CRM Program Optimized for the Domestic Sales Environment

All core technologies, designs and screens of Finger Sales are self-developed. It contains various features necessary for sales and customer management, enabling additional application of the features desired by the customer.
Field usage of sales employees is convenient because of its outstanding usage of functions on PC as well as mobile devices. Since there is no initial introduction or maintenance cost for the solution, there is little burden for introducing it.

Detailed Features

Overall Management of Sales and Customers

Summary of Features
  • Able to check sales goals, performance, activity status, and the customer increase/decrease rate by each sales employee
  • Provides features to notify others of daily work and automatically reports weekly duties
  • Checks amount of sales compared to the monthly number of proposed estimates, contracts, and sales goals
  • Provides monthly increase/decrease rate of customer support (after sales service), handling status, etc.
  • Able to set up the permission to view information by each sales employee
  • Provides a function to transfer customer information when a sales employee retires
  • Capable of downloading various types of customer and sales data as Excel files
Service Flow Chart
  • Digital sales management is made possible by providing objective data and detailed features to manage each stage, including the proposal between the sales employee and the customer, the estimate, the contract, or the purchase.
  • You can check various information that can be helpful for sales management, customer support and marketing campaign as well as conduct business opportunity (sales opportunity) management through Finger Sales.
Business schedule management
  • Checking my daily schedule
  • Feature to notify sales and main activities
  • Linkage of schedule with Google
  • Able to check today's sales path
Customer management
  • Able to identify retained customers
  • Status of business opportunity (sales opportunity) on customers
  • Receipt of customer's after sales service and support status
  • Monthly customer visit activity status, etc.
Detailed customer management
  • Management by customer rating
  • Checking number of increase/decrease on new customers compared to the previous month
  • Number of customers increase/decrease by individual/department
  • Management of the customer's Key Man status, etc.
Sales and performance management
  • Checking the monthly number of proposed estimates and achieved contracts
  • Comparison of estimates and contract status by each team
  • Performance compared to sales goals
  • Able to check monthly/annual sales goals and achieved performance
Business opportunity (sales opportunity) management
  • Status of monthly/annual business opportunities (sales opportunity)
  • Provides the status of estimated sales
  • Status on the number of cases in progress by each stage
  • Comparative status of business opportunities by each department
Sales activity status
  • Status of the Month over Month increase/decrease on the number of sales activities
  • Comparison of monthly sales activity trend
  • Able to check the detailed sales activity status, such as visits, phone calls or emails, by each individual/department

Sales management

  • Estimated sales for the following month and by each quarter
  • Sales by each sales employee / department
  • Sales by each region
  • Sales by each product
  • Actually achieved sales compared to the goal
  • Monthly / annual sales
  • Monthly / annual sales increase/decrease rate

Customer management

  • Management by customer rating (S rating, A rating, B rating, and C rating)
  • Classification and management of new / potential / existing customers
  • No. of sales to each customer
  • Identification of repurchasing customers
  • Month over Month increase/decrease of customers
  • Brand awareness channel of customers
  • Increase / decrease status on customer's after sales service

Sales management

  • Checks the sales time line up to current point after the first meeting
  • Estimation contract management
  • Management of business opportunities (sales opportunity)
  • Checking the progress rate by each case of sales
  • Management of person in charge by each sale
  • Transfer of information when a sales employee retires
  • Contract report management
  • Notification of all sales
  • Management of partner companies

Employee management

  • Increase/decrease of sales activities by each employee such as phone calls / emails / visits
  • Performance and sales achievement rate compared to target sales
  • Connection of sales compared to the customer contact frequency
  • Number of business opportunities (sales opportunities)
  • Checking weekly report and meeting minutes
  • Checking the daily schedule of each employee
  • No. of monthly estimates / contracts
  • Sales path by hour
  • Increase / decrease on customers compared to the previous month

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  • There is little burden in adopting Finger Sales because it comes without any initial introduction fee or maintenance cost.

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