• Korea’s leading data center infrastructure

    IT equipment that are the backbone of NAVER Cloud Platform run 24/7 without interruption in the NAVER data centers. Power supplies and cables, networks, servers, and storage are all fully redundant by design to ensure high availability. They serve to guarantee high reliability of cloud services and enhance the quality of your services.

  • IT resources managed with criteria

    All computing resources must pass strict criteria established by NAVER Cloud Platform over the years of experience running infrastructures. With its own standards and models, NAVER achieves high performance and responds to fast-changing markets. These resources that meet stringent criteria are cost-effective and at the same time guarantee optimal performance and reliable quality.

  • Proven and secure operating system

    Every operating system that runs NAVER Cloud services goes through a thorough inspection before delivery. NAVER Cloud provides operating systems of only the best quality, and not before conducting security and performance checks and taking all other necessary measures. You can now use cloud services in a more reliable environment.