• Infrastructure operated in the data center that is of the highest standard

    The IT equipment that supports the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM operates 24/7, 365 days a year inside the NAVER Data Center. To guarantee that you never lose service, all of the platform's hardware and facilities—including power sources, cables, servers, network, and storage—are fully redundant, which ensures the stability of the cloud and the quality of customer service.

  • Highest Standards for Superior IT Equipment

    All of the hardware for the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM must meet or surpass the strict guidelines of NAVER’s own standard model list to ensure the highest quality and performance at the lowest possible cost. Constantly updated to reflect the latest changes in the market and technology, the NAVER standard model list is the result of our unparalleled experience and expertise in computer infrastructure which provides cost-effective optimized performance and stable quality.

  • Safe and verified OS

    Before delivery, the OS of every product is comprehensively tested and verified according to our stringent standards. With no concerns about security or performance issues, you can focus on customer service and company growth.