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Telemarketing is an incredibly common method of marketing nowadays. However, building a private contact center is not so easy for companies, especially considering the required investment. Now, simply use the WizCampaign solution on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM to build up a contact center. There is no need to invest in an independent center or for a time-consuming process of consulting or training. WizCampaign is the solution for you to achieve successful sales and marketing performance with the quality and stability of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. It’s time for you to start contacting your customers!

Product Details

Main Features

Still waiting for your customers to answer the phone?

There are just too many customers to call and too much time wasted waiting for calls to be picked up. WizCampaign not only manages customers to contact but also automatically calls the customer, detects unavailability, and tries again at designated times. Now, you don’t have to get stressed about following up unsuccessful calls.

See the intuitive diagram on call progress.

With one click, you can call many customers in order. You can also change the settings any time, such as adjusting the number of outbound calls. Compare the customer response and campaign performance in real time to plan your daily contact activities.

Service Classification

Basic Services

  • Prediction/multiple/auto preview of outbound contact
  • Automated calling system (ACS) of outbound contact (basic type, fixed voice message)
  • SMS/MMS contact
  • Management tools – Outbound contact monitoring/report, contact history, recording history/listening
  • Softphone and consultation program

Value-Added Services

  • Connection with the consultation program of the customer
  • Connection with the DNC (Do Not Call)/BL (Black List) system of the customer
  • Individual performance report based on connected data
  • Scheduled to be serviced early July, 2018

Premium Services

  • Security improvement services (KMS, SRTP)
  • Automated calling system (ACS IVR) of outbound contact (Changeable voice message)
  • Email/Naver TalkTalk contact
  • Scheduled to be serviced early July, 2018

Service Usage Guide


Basic FeeCalling Fee
Membership Fee5,000 KRW (One time membership fee)Basic fee3,000 KRW per month
Basic Services100,000 KRW per month/seatOutbound to mobile phones (01*)13 KRW/10 sec
Premium Services150,000 KRW per month/seatOutbound to landlines (02, 031, etc.)39 KRW/180 sec
Value-Added Services(Please make a separate inquiry.)Outbound to Internet phones (070)39 KRW/180 sec

Basic Policy

  • A basic contract is for three months. A penalty will be charged for early termination (calculated by the months remaining for the subscription at the basic fee prices at subscription).
  • Monthly deferred payment (billed at the beginning of the following month).
  • Agreement to terms and conditions of the privacy policy and the use of caller ID number are required.


  • Up to one month free for the basic fee of the outbound service. (First-come-first-served basis for three months after the service release. Excludes calling fees for over six month contracts.)
  • Consultation on outbound management strategies. (To be selected per business type.)

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Tel: 070-7733-6700
  • Email :

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