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The HTML5 web reporting tool is built purely by our technology for smart business and has been verified by 2,200 domestic and foreign customers over the course of 20 years.



  • HTML4 and next generation standard / Perfect support of HTML5
  • Supports Multi OS, Multi BROWSER, and Multi CLIENT
  • Supports HTML5, PDF, EXCEL, MSWORD, POWERPOINT, and Hangul Word Processor

Productivity of Development

  • Familiar and convenient development of the report with an Excel-based design environment
  • A familiar development environment for developers using JAVA and JSP
  • Cross-Tab Expert to check and output various types of statistical analysis data
  • Easy development of unstructured reports with the mounted HTML TAG processing engine


  • Acquired GS certification 1st Class (2017) / Received the New Software Product Awards (1998)
  • Over 2,200 reference customers
  • Verified product used by Samsung Group (Samsung Electronics G-MES, Cheil Worldwide Inc., Samsung Display, etc.)

Product Details

Main Features

Applied with the web standard HTML5 technology

  • Perfect support of HTML4 and the web standard HTML5
  • Compliance of web accessibility and web standards

Charts, barcodes, and statistical analysis components

  • Basic charts and premium charts (for separate purchase)
  • Support of barcodes and QR codes
  • Support of statistical analysis (for separate purchase)

HTML TAG processing engine mounted

  • Support of diversity by including the HTML document input by the user in a fixed area of the report

Linkage Feature

  • Linkage possible with Nexacro
  • Linkage possible with Markany and BCQRE

Light reporting tool

  • Simple library structure (JAR,JS,CSS)
  • Mounted to existing WEB/WAS for easy installation and operation
  • Easy redundant configuration


  • One Source Multi Device support
  • Provides an integrated version
  • Provides an easy development environment in an Excel and canvas type service environment
  • Support of development of dynamic templates through band style formatting
  • Support of a powerful statistical analysis specialized feature (Cross Table)
  • Auto conversion of the HTML TAG
  • Reduced design time using the layout of existing Excel, Hangul Word Processor, PowerPoint, and Word files without changes
  • Provides a feature to convert into the formats of Excel, Hangul Word Processor, PDF, MS Word and PowerPoint, etc.
  • Provides about 100 types of chart and barcode components
  • Training and technical support for customer satisfaction

Product Structure Map

Service Usage Guide

  • A product manual is provided. (The URL of the manual will be sent out in the future.)
  • Additional cost will be charged for the WAS configuration (Tomcat Apache installed) + AI REPORT installation request. (Contact technical support)


(VAT Excluded)
Type1~4 vCPU5~8 vCPU9~16 vCPU17~32 vCPU
No contract period326,400 KRW/month625,600 KRW/month1,142,400 KRW/month 1,849,600 KRW/month
1 year130,560 KRW/month250,240 KRW/month456,960 KRW/month739,840 KRW/month
3 year119,040 KRW/month228,160 KRW/month416,640 KRW/month674,560 KRW/month
5 year107,520 KRW/month206,080 KRW/month376,320 KRW/month609,280 KRW/month
  • Cost including maintenance fees
  • Make a separate inquiry for the development cost if you are requesting to develop a report.
  • A penalty will be charged for early termination (the remaining period is applicable if a contract is canceled.)
  • Product sold: web reporting tool - AI REPORT Version 6.5

Main Customers

Public InstitutionsManufacture/ServiceFinancial Institution
· Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport's service management performance issuing system
· Korea Postal Service Agency's moving traditional market
· Korean National Policy Agency's external linkage service for GeoPros
· Korea Post Information Center's e-post mail/shopping/parcel service
· Samsung Electronics G-MES 2.0 (30 domestic/foreign corporations)
· Hyundai Group's APM system
· Hyundai Autoever's APM and training management
· Samsung Display – MES
· Kumho Petrochemical's MES
· Cheil Worldwide's LEGACY (20 domestic/foreign corporations)
· Hanwha Group's Hanwha In recruiting system
· Duzon Bizon's integrated log management system
· Shinsegae Auction's auction and real estate portal site
· Shinsegae Department Store's CRM
· CJ GL's website
· Eland's call center
· Samsung Life Insurance's electronic payment system
· Hana Financial Group's Basel 2
· Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute's e-business computer system
· NICE D&B's company ratings report (CLIP, TCB, NR)

Technical Support

Training and Technical Support Inquiries

  • Telephone: 02-566-4941
  • Fax : 02-564-7679
  • Email :
    (Available Hours: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Installation and Development Inquiries

  • Person in Charge: Yongjin Park, Deputy General Manager
  • Mobile : 010-7689-8729
  • Telephone : 02-566-4941
  • Fax : 02-564-7679
  • Email :

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