• Guaranteed optimal Internet quality
    in Korea and abroad

    NAVER Cloud, which operates the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, is interconnected to major foreign ISPs and major Korean ISPs. As a result, NAVER Cloud has gained experience and technology in processing high-volume traffic. With technical human resources and communication channels that can respond to various changes quickly and flexibly, customers can enjoy the best Internet quality.

  • Build a Stable and Flexible Network Infrastructure

    NAVER Cloud has a foundation that allows a flexible connection for network virtualization technology, which is a growing issue. We stably accommodate various traffic patterns and can easily scale the capacity if needed. Through the advanced Data Center Interconnection (DCI), we provide communication between regions without bottlenecks. Ensuring the stability and flexibility of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Products is network infrastructure operating technology that can respond promptly to any unexpected situation.

  • Fast and Stable
    Global Transfer Infrastructure Operation

    With the know-how accumulated while building and operating infrastructure in many key locations around the world, NAVER Cloud configured a CDN network optimized for overseas users. NAVER Cloud systematically operates and manages the network infrastructure for many global services, such as NAVER, LINE, V LIVE, WEBTOON, and SNOW to ensure reliable use by people around the world. Experience the CDN product that reflects such rich experience and technology on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.