• Optimal Internet experience in Korea and worldwide

    NAVER Cloud is connected with major ISPs in Korea and around the world, through which it has acquired valuable experience and cutting-edge technology to deal with large amounts of traffic. Equipped with IT experts and communication channels to help flexibly respond to widely varying circumstances, NAVER Cloud Platform provides unmatched Internet experience.

  • Reliable and flexible network infrastructure

    NAVER Cloud has an infrastructure that accommodates the newest virtualization technologies. It reliably handles various traffic patterns and enables easy scaling of capacity. The advanced Data Center Interconnect (DCI) technology helps prevent bottlenecks in communications between different regions. Even in the face of unpredictability, NAVER Cloud Platform’s solutions guarantee reliability and flexibility through its expertise in running network infrastructure.

  • Fast and reliable global transmission infrastructure

    For years, NAVER Cloud has built and run infrastructure in major locations around the world, and its CDN is the fruit of the years-long experience and technological advances. NAVER, Line, V Live, Webtoon, Snow, along with other popular services already in use by hundreds of millions of people worldwide are brought to you with speed and reliability. NAVER Cloud’s CDN service, now available on NAVER Cloud platform, will provide you with a delightful experience.