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SSL Certificate Registration and Management Integration

Certificate Manager provides the feature to register, integrate and manage certificates to be used in the linked services.
You can also view information such as the issuer of the certificate, the target domain, and the validity period.

Integrated Certificate Registration
You can register a certificate to be used in NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's linked products and check the validity of the certificate.
Service Interworking
Certificates registered in Certificate Manager can be applied to services by inquiring in related products.
Providing Various Information
Efficient management of certificates is possible by providing various information such as certificate issuer, target domain, subdomain, and validity period.

Detailed Features

It offers a variety of features to make using certificates easy and convenient.

Service Diagram

Certificate Registration

The registered SSL certificate can be viewed and applied in the linked service. When the certificate is registered, it checks the validity of the public certificate through the validity check.
(SSL certificate can be registered and deleted only through Certificate Manager service.)

Certificate Information Lookup

Provides various information of registered certificate.

Certificate Information Lookup
Certificate nameCertificate name set by the customer
DomainRepresentative domain (DN) of certificate
Additional domainsSubdomain (SAN) included in the certificate
StatusNormal, expired
Certification start dateCertification start date
Certification end dateCertification end date
IssuerInformation of Certificate Authority
Serial NumberUnique number of the certificate
PK InformationPublic key information
Use serviceRelated service and instance number

Certificate Expiration Notification

We send you notifications with emails and SMS on a regular basis from one month before the expiry date of your registered certificate and inform you the time to replace the certificate.

Certificate Manager is a free product.

(Currently, certificate registration and management is available free of charge, and there may be additional charges for advanced features to be added in the future in the separately pricing plan.)

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