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A stable, high-performing open-source Altibase DBMS for Korea

Product Details

Hybrid DBMS—supports both disk and memory processes

  • Suitable for applied fields that require both OLTP and OLAP
  • High-speed OLTP jobs: Stored in memory
  • High-capacity OLTP jobs: Stored on disk
  • High-speed and high-capacity jobs, such as lotteries: Hybrid storage
  • In-memory DBMS and on-disk DBMS / Concurrent support for Altibase
  • Select memory or disk, depending on job type
  • An in-memory DBMS supports higher performance levels than other on-disk DBMS
    - Memory table DML: 10 times faster than an on-disk DBMS
    - Memory table query: 2–5 times faster than an on-disk DBMS
    - Test environment: Memory 30 GB, CPU 4.4 GHZ (4 Cores), OS-AIX 6.1 64 bits

Altibase redundancy method provides redundancy in physical data

  • 100% Eager Sync of changed details both ways via a dedicated network
  • Dual active operation of two databases at all times
  • Advantages: Same job, two-as-one, fast recovery from failures
  • Altibase Migration Center to convert Oracle DBMS
  • Procedure, ProC auto-conversion rate of 90% (10% will be completed by a dedicated Altibase engineer)


vCore (same for Standard and Enterprise)Single Node Fee (per Month)Second Node Fee for Redundancy (per Month)

Maintenance Cost

(Excluding VAT)
UnitTechnical Support (per Month)ConditionsOn-Site Visit Support (8 Hours)
1~16 Core100,000Use of the service portal
(for failure registration)
Remote routine maintenance support (based on three times per month)
1,000,000 KRW

Technical Support