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SourceCommit Update

개발에 필요한 소스코드와 파일들을 안전하게 저장하고 관리할 수 있는 프라이빗 Git 리파지토리입니다.

Safe and Easy Private Git Repository

SourceCommit is a private Git repository service to safely store source codes and various types of files. You can now use the high-capacity repository in a fast and easy manner anytime, anywhere, without the need to worry about the infrastructure.

High Performance and Excellent Scalability
SourceCommit is a high performance infrastructure with a redundant architecture. You can use the high-capacity repository and access it anytime and anywhere. Also, you can safety store all types of files as well as source codes.
Convenient Use
If simply enter the URL of Git repository used from the outside, you can easily import codes to SourceCommit of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. We automatically carry out complicated tasks for you processes in SourceCommit to allow you to use your existing repository.
Use of All Git Clients
All Git commands are supported so you can link with all existing Git clients. You can use the repository safely and conveniently under the same environment as the existing development environment.
Convenient Security Check
You can check whether files uploaded to SourceCommit have a malware infection in a quick and easy manner due to a simply link to the File Safer, a malware diagnostic product of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

Detailed Features

SourceCommit enables effective management of team projects because you can use all features of Git, such as commit, compare, and merge. You can store the codes and files necessary for development safely and quickly as it is designed as an infrastructure with excellent scalability and availability.

High Compatibility on All Git Client Tools

SourceCommit supports all Git commands so you can link with all existing Git clients. You can use the repository safely and conveniently under the same environment as the existing development environment.

High Convenience Such as Easy Duplication

You can easily duplicate the source code configuration stored in an external repository, such as the GitHub, to the SourceCommit of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. Simply enter the URL of the existing repository, all configurations, including branch and tag information, is quickly and safely duplicated to SourceCommit automatically.

Access Control by Each User

SourceCommit enables access control of each user as it is perfectly interconnected with the IAM of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. You can assign repository access permissions to subaccounts depending on the importance of the source code, so you can protect valuable information safer than before.

Enhanced Security

SourceCommit transmits files safely to the cloud using the HTTPS protocol when communicating with the local client. To access SourceCommitt via common Git client, you require an exclusive password for the client. This kind of protection measures prevent account leakage caused by unsafe clients.

An Infrastructure with High Availability and Expandability

Your valuable source codes are stored to in NAS, a server with high availability and expandability. So you can access your source codes easily, anytime and anywhere without the need of setting up an infrastructure.

Large Storage Repository

In SourceCommit, you can create a repository with the size of your need. Also, you can safely store all types of files, such as images and binaries, as well as source codes.

Interconnection with File Safer

You can manage your source codes in a safer manner by linking with File Safer, a malware diagnostic product of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. When a new file is transmitted to the repository, File Safer automatically checks for the malicious content of the file in a cloud environment and sends an email if infection is detected. Only scans on new script or binary files and conducted and once complete, the scan is not performed on old files again. (Additional fee may be charged when you link with File Safer. To receive the notification of the result via email, you must set the subject of notification.)

Viewer For Checking the Files and Changes

You can check the source code contents of the repository created in the SourceCommit on the console. You can easily check file lists and contents in a specific branch or commit configuration using the Viewer. You can also compare the changes at a glance.

Markdown Viewer

SourceCommit offers perfect Markdown Viewer. The file of a directory location is provided on the screen with markup syntax.

Commit History and Branch Graph

You can find a detailed commit history and conveniently check information on the web, including the commit message. You can intuitively check branches of various configurations as these are shown as graphs.

Pricing Information

The SourceCommit usage fee will be charged by combining the usage fee based on the number of active users and the usage fee based on storage capacity.

Billing Basis (Monthly)UnitUsage Fee (KRW)
Usage Fee Based on the No. of Monthly Active UsersNo. of Active Users (People)Less than 5 people a month per account: Free
More than 5 people a month per account: 1,000 KRW per person/month
Usage Fee Based on Storage CapacityStorage Capacity (GB)Under 50GB per account: Free
Over 50GB per account: 60 KRW per 1GB/month
  • No. of Active Users: Number of SubAccounts who have accessed in SourceCommit
  • Storage capacity usage fee (monthly fee per GB) will be calculated as a daily unit once the free capacity is exceeded.
Pricing Example

Case 1) Connecting SubAccounts A, B, and C to Repository 1 and connecting SubAccounts D, E, F, and G to Repository 2 for one month,
→ Since a total of 7 people, each on a SubAccount, have accessed during the month, 2,000 KRW will be charged. (7 Active Users – 5 People Provided Free of Charge) x 1,000 KRW.

Case 2) In the case that the total storage usage is 45GB by deleting one repository on 7/20 after using 50GB until 7/10 and using an additional 1GB from 7/11 to 7/20,
→ 19 KRW will be charged by calculating it as 10 days (7/11~7/20)/31 Days x 60 KRW x 1GB.

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