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Webvoice Cloud is a cloud based ARS service that provides a voice guide and a synchronized webpage.
Customers can use menus on the screen to self-serve without connecting to a call center staff. This in return, helps to reduce the number of calls received by the call center staff and can thus increase the rates of answering customer calls.
This service can be used as the base of mass customer channels such as web or app, as well as a hub.

Product Details

Main Features

ARS voice menu = Web page screen menu

  • Conversational interactive voice response (IVR) service and web screen service is combined as a voice-screen ARS service
  • Touch service using buttons are provided like the existing webpage (Android & iOS)

System composition

The system composition, service flow chart, and server role provided by the Webvoice Cloud are shown below.

Service Composition, Service Flow, and Server Role

Detailed Features

Leading Service Coverage and Automatic Pop-up Method

  • Service is usable on 25 million Android devices based on the launcher share system (Patent registration no.: 10-1499068).
  • If SDK-equipped app exists on the smartphone, the screen automatically pop-ups when the customer calls the call center. The method of delivering the service differs according to the OS provider policy. For iOS device, the service is provided upon tapping the notification message that is displayed when the customer calls the call center.

Service provided by a URL SMS Method

Voice-screen ARS service can be provided on smartphone devices without SDK-equipped apps using the URL SMS method. This method is optional and the usage fee is charged per the number of SMS sent.

Support for Collapsible Screen

If the input window menu is selected on the ARS screen provided as Android SDK, the screen is automatically collapsed to induce the user to input using DTMF. This function can also be used to send data, like resident registration number or password that is sensitive to be sent over the web screen, via the telephone network. (This function is not support for iOS.)

Guaranteed ARS Quality at Network Anomalies

The quality of mobile data network is monitored while the service is provided. When there is a network delay or failure, the voice-screen ARS service is automatically stopped and switched to the audio ARS service.

Screen Composition Method

Based on the information sent by IVR server, the voice-screen ARS generates a URL by combining the default templates in the contents server in real time. As the webpage of the ARS service is generated based on IVR, the contents server can produce screens without the need to communicate with legacy systems.

Composition of the Voice-Screen ARS (Example)


Service including voice IVRService excluding voice IVRNote
UserChannel License Basic(3 channels)330,000 KRWChannel License Basic(3 channels)240,000 KRWMonthly charges / Based on 3 channels
Channel License Add(1 channels)110,000 KRWChannel License Add(1 channels)80,000 KRWMonthly charges / Based on 1 channel
SMS Method * (per 1 message sent)50 KRWSMS Method * (per 1 message sent)50 KRWOptional: Monthly meter-rate charges
Development costsContents development (based on 5 templates) and IVR linkage4,000,000 KRWContents development (based on 5 templates) and IVR linkage 6,000,000 KRWOne-time charge upon sign up
Production of voice IVR scenarios4,000,000 KRWBased on 3 depths, excluding linkage with legacy systems
Extra costs if IVR narration is replaced with a voice actor

* This is an SMS method of service for providing visible ARS service for non-launcher customers.

Basic Policy

a. Monthly deferred payment type
b. Voice IVR scenario excludes linkage to the customer’s legacy system
c. Extra costs charged if IVR narration is replaced with a narrator
d. Linking with customer’s legacy system and for developing more than 5 content templates is subject to additional charges.
e. Agreement to terms and conditions of the privacy policy and the use of phone number are mandatory.

Recommended Server Specifications and Products

UsageTypeSpecificationsQuantityOS VersionApplication Information
Relay ServerStandard2 units4 GB50 GB2CentOS 7.3 64bitDockerRedisNginX
Contents ServerStandard2 units4 GB50 GB2CentOS 7.3 64bitDockerRedisNginX
Load BalancingLB2
ServicePublic IP4

The above configuration is only a recommendation. You can expand the server products to suit your channel size.

Enterprise Customers of Visible ARS

Technical Support

TypeProduct / QuotationsConsulting / Technical Inquiries
NameYoungseoup Ahn, ChairmanDeokjae Shin, Deputy Head
Phone number010-5390-7826010-9071-3829
Inquiry hoursWeekdays, 9 AM ~ 6 PMWeekdays, 9 AM ~ 6 PM /

Use Cases

25% reduction in customer call time

  • 3 mins 30 secs average call time on existing audio ARS
  • 2 mins 40 secs average call time after adopting visible ARS
  • 25% reduction in customer call time
  • Visible ARS Case for Oil Company S’ Call Center

3 times increase of self-solution on visible ARS

  • 45,000 daily average cases of self-solution on visible ARS
  • 15,000 daily average cases per call center staff
  • 3 times more processing amounts than the call center staff
  • Visible ARS Case for Party D’s Recruitment

13% dispersion of staff’s work on new registrations

  • New registration work handled with staff/recording
  • New registration work handled with visible ARS
  • 13% dispersion of staff’s work on new registrations
  • Visible ARS Case for S Shopping Mall