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Cloud Hadoop Update

Apache Hadoop , HBase , Spark , Hive, Presto 등의 오픈소스 기반 완전 관리형 클라우드 분석 서비스입니다.

An open-source analytics service that can handle big data quickly and easily

Through an open-source framework, such as Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Hive, and Presto, users can analyze large amounts of data
how they want and attain easy initial infrastructure configuration and scalability through Cloud Hadoop. It is also cost-effective, since the user only pays for what they use.

Ease of Use
Cloud Hadoop automatically creates clusters to ease the burden of resources required for infrastructure management tasks. You can have a system that can be analyzed at any time throughout the installation, configuration, and optimization of several open-source frameworks.
Cost Efficiency
It is a cost-effective service that allows users to pay as they go during the cluster cycle. Save large amount of data at a low cost using Object Storage on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM as a data storage service.
Scalability and Reliability
User can easily reduce or increase the number of instances required for data analysis at any time. The reliability and availability of services and operations can be increased by providing two master nodes.
Web UI for Management and Monitoring
Enjoy a convenient UI for managing information and the status for Cloud Hadoop clusters. Provides root access to the cluster, giving the user full control over the cluster and enabling the user to view and modify framework settings.

Main Provided Features

Create Clusters Easily and Simply

Open-source frameworks, such as Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Hive, and Presto, are installed, and clusters with optimized configurations are created, allowing users to perform the tasks needed for analysis right away.

Choose a Server Type of Your Need

By providing various types of server types, users can quickly analyze large amounts of data by selecting various servers according to the performance required for analysis.

Object Storage Based Analysis Service

Depending on the size of your business, you can easily scale from GB to PB at a reasonable price. You can associate data from Cloud Hadoop any time, anywhere.

Secure High Availability

To ensure high availability, two master nodes are provided for redundancy when creating a Cloud Hadoop cluster. When the master node fails, the role of the standby node changes and it becomes possible for it to perform the role of the master node.

Easier Computing Node Expansion

Increase or reduce the number of worker nodes in the cluster with just a few clicks to ensure scalability and flexibility.

Web UI for Cluster Management and Monitoring

Apache Ambari, an open-source application, makes managing and monitoring Cloud Hadoop clusters easy and efficient by leveraging the simplicity of the Web UI and REST API.

  • Can expand or reduce computing nodes as needed for analysis.
  • Can use Object Storage without worrying about storage capacity.


"Cloud Hadoop" uses Apache Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Spark and Presto open source frameworks that can handle large amounts of data.

Pricing Information

Cloud Hadoop and Server Instance Price

It is a cost-effective service that allows users to pay as they go during the cluster cycle. Rates are available at a per-minute basis, with a minimum charge of 1 minute.

Type SpecificationMemory diskTime Rate (minutes charge)
vCPUMemory Disk
Standard4 pieces8GB50GB209 KRW(3.48 KRW)
4 pieces16GB50GB302 KRW (5.03 KRW)
4 pieces32GB50GB420 KRW (7.00 KRW)
8 pieces16GB50GB380 KRW (6.33 KRW)
8 pieces32GB50GB615 KRW (10.25 KRW)
16 pieces32GB50GB968 KRW (16.13 KRW)
High Memory8 pieces64GB50GB840 KRW (14.00 KRW)
16 pieces128GB50GB1,670 KRW (27.83 KRW)
32 pieces256GB50GB3,050 KRW (50.83 KRW)
  • The master node is created by default for high availability.
  • The default 50GB disk is for the OS and cannot be additionally extended or added. It is included in the usage fee.
  • Data storage for storing Cloud Hadoop data is charged separately for a time rate based on usage.

Data Storage Fee

  • Use Object Storage to store large amounts of data.
  • The Object Storage fee is calculated by combining the data storage fee, number of API requests, and network transfer fee.
표준 타입 Server
Usage intervalAverage monthly storage charge (GB-month)
1PB or less28 KRW
1PB or more26 KRW
API 요청수 요금
ClassificationBilling UnitUsage Level Meter rate
PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST requests10,000 requests45 KRW
GET and all other requests10,000 requests 4 KRW
DELETE Requests: All RequestsAll Requests Free

Network Transfer Fee

You will only be charged for outbound traffic that connects to the Internet.

네트워크 요금
ClassificationNetwork SectionUnitUsage LevelMeter rate(Month)
Inbound trafficallGBsame for all levelsfree
Outbound trafficInternet traffic
(Including traffic using public IP as another region)
GB5TB or less100 KRW
5-10TB or more90 KRW
10-30TB or more80 KRW
30TB or more70KRW

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