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Cloud Search Update

홈페이지 내의 검색 기능을 쉽고 빠르게 구현할 수 있습니다.

Cloud Search 정식 출시 기념 할인 이벤트
Cloud Search 상품 이용 금액의 30%를 청구 할인해 드립니다.
- 할인 기간 : 2019년 8월 31일 이용 분까지
- 할인 방식 : 이용 요금 청구 시점에 30% 할인 적용
* 할인된 금액은 익월 청구 시 반영되므로 서비스 이용 내역 금액과 상이할 수 있습니다.

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A development platform for fast and easy implementation of a complicated search feature

Using the Cloud Search service, you can conveniently implement a search service on cloud without having to build a separate infrastructure or platform to implement a search feature with complicated requirements.

Easy Implementation of the Search Feature With Just Few Clicks
After preparing the document for search, you can instantly prepare a service that is ready for basic searching just by going through a few steps including the selection of a search container scale, uploading a document for searching, and indexing settings using the console provided by Cloud Search.
Setting Options for Various Search Environments
Cloud Search provides various options to set up search environments, such as morphological analysis level control, indexing configuration method options, autocomplete keyword suggestion features, or search result alignment control, in order to accommodate accurate searches and more requirements for searches.
Flexible scalability depending on the situation
As a cloud-based search development platform service, Cloud Search can quickly respond to unexpected situations by scaling the capacity up or down on the container to receive the search request within several minutes depending on the monitoring conditions.
Morphological analysis processing of the Korean language with Naver's know-how
As a search platform service that has been based on the Korean language morphological analysis processing developed by Naver for a long time, Cloud Search has expertise in handling Korean language searches.

Detailed Features

Easy Search Service Implementation Wizard and Search Inquiry Testing Page

A wizard to implement the search service through a web console is provided. You can simply enable searches for desired content just by going through the four steps in the Wizard. A page to test searches in the implemented search environment is also provided.

Various Indexing Configuration Options

Various indexing configuration options are provided to accommodate more requirements for searches. Many index field types, including the field type to implement geographical information searches, are supported by default, and you can also configure the index field using wild card (*) characters. In addition, a highlighting feature and facet settings for the texts that match keywords are supported. A feature to control the stemming level is also provided.

Resource Monitoring

A tool for monitoring the platform status for searches is also provided. Through this, you can monitor the indicators, such as the number of search requests, storage usage, memory usage, NAS usage or search request success trends. You can also scale up the search container instantly as needed.

Handling of multiple languages, stopping words, and synonyms

Cloud Search supports the use of a total of six languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Indonesian, and Thai. The supported languages are scheduled to be continuously added, and the features to handle stopping words or synonyms to refer to during the search will be provided.

Search Result Alignment Control Feature

Provides the basic feature to adjust the search results and the alignment method where requirements occur the most. A search ranking template feature to apply the desired alignment algorithm with just one click is also scheduled to be supported by providing a template on the frequently used algorithm.

Pricing Information

Cloud Search 컨테이너 가격

  • 도메인 구성을 위해 색인용 컨테이너 1대, 검색용 컨테이너 1대 총 2대의 컨테이너가 기본 생성됩니다.
  • 컨테이너 타입별 제공되는 NAS는 별도로 증설이나 추가되지 않으며, 이용 요금에 포함되어 있습니다.
(VAT Excluded)
메모리NAS이용요금권장 최대 문서수색인수
High Memory6440032.216,000,0006

색인 및 검색 가격

  • Indexer 요청 건당 과금이 되고 요청 최대 크기는 5MB 입니다.
  • 섹션 추가/변경 및 색인 추가/변경 시 색인 갱신이 발생하고 새로 생성된 색인사이즈로 과금됩니다.
  • 자동완성 갱신 시 총 문서수로 과금됩니다.
  • 검색 요청에 대한 응답 사이즈 총합으로 과금됩니다.(기타 네트워크 요금은 발생하지 않습니다.)
(VAT Excluded)
색인 및 검색이용요금(원)
Indexer 요청 (건)0.05
색인 갱신 (GB당)500
자동완성 갱신 총 문서 개수 (건)0.0025
검색 응답 사이즈 (GB당)10

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