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Pentaho is an open source based enterprise big data platform that is optimized for various data distribution environments. Secure valuable insights from the data sources scattered within the company through Pentaho, the one and only platform which provides integration and analysis on a single platform.

Product Details

Pentaho's Uniqueness

GUI-Based User Friendly Interface

  • Simple interface which enables intuitive usage with its drag & drop controls
  • Manages all data preprocessing processes from data source to target as a work process based workflow

Powerful Integration and Processing of Big Data

  • Extract, convert, load, integrate, and process the data sources of Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL series
  • Implement MapReduce without coding
  • Conduct distributed processing and improve processing performance using clustering
  • Flexibility and efficiency for handling work using the processing engine (e.g. Spark) of Hadoop Ecosystem as an Adaptive Execution Layer (AEL) feature

Organic Combination of Data Blending and Machine Learning

  • Simplified feature engineering process through fast cleansing and onboarding automation of various data sources
  • Easy and fast training, coordination, build, and testing of prediction models by implementing a UI-based machine learning environment
  • Automate all processes by creating workflows even for upgrading prediction models according to new data loading
  • Support model search of highest accuracy according to the optimized predictive analysis model configuration and real-time data update situation at the time of implementation

Prompt and Diverse Reporting and Visualization

  • Supports an end-user-centered analysis environment based on user-defined reports and dashboards
  • Supports installation of diverse external feature plugins related to operation management, analysis, and dashboard through the Marketplace

Composition of Solution

Pentaho is comprised of a data integration feature to extract, convert, and load various data sources, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) to provide a machine learning-based advanced analytics feature, and Pentaho Business Analytics (PBA) to provide business intelligence and visualization.

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

PDI is a data integration solution that collects and blends data of all sources and supports a powerful machine learning based analysis.

  • Connection with extensive data sources and systems
  • Diverse data integration flow structures
  • User-friendly GUI and drag & drop type of workflow
  • Organic integration of data blending and machine learning
  • UI-based machine intelligence feature
  • Pentaho Data Science Pack (R, Weka, Python, Spark)
  • Architecture for a flexible increase of performance
  • Operation, management, and security on the enterprise level

Pentaho Business Analytics (PBA)

PBA is an analysis solution to support reporting, visualization, analysis, and prediction features that are appropriate for the user's needs.

  • Advanced analysis on structured and unstructured data
  • Various types of reports
  • Implementation of customized dashboards through screen design and chart development features using the advanced dashboard feature (Ctools)
  • Flexible embedding for business applications


SolutionMonthly Usage Fee
Standard Pentaho Data Integraion(PDI) 4 Core4,674,000 KRW
Standard Pentaho Data Integraion(PDI) 8 Core6,363,000 KRW
Standard Pentaho Platform 8 Core (PDI + Pentaho Business Analytics)9,007,000 KRW

· The monthly service charge is the monthly amount for a one-year contract. The monthly contract requires consultation.

Recommended Specifications/Version for Sale

SolutionPentaho Data IntegrationPentaho Business Analytics
VersionPentaho Enterprise Edition
Product UsageData extraction, transformation, loading tool, analysis200,000 KRW/month
Server PlatformMicrosoft Windows 2012 Server R2 & 2016 Server, CentOS 6 & 7, Red Hat Enterprise 6 & 7,
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS & 18.04 LTS, SUSE Linux SLES 11 (SP3+)
Metadata DBMySQL 5.6 & 5.7 (SQL 92) , Oracle 11.2 & 12.1 (SQL 92), PostgreSQL 9.5 & 9.6*, MS SQL Server 2014, 2016
Client PlatformApple Safari 10 & 11 (Note: On OS X only), Google Chrome 64 & 65, Microsoft Edge 40.15063 & 41.16299.248.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Note: Does not render PUC correctly using Compatibility Mode), Mozilla Firefox 58 & 59
Web BrowserSafari 9.x & 10.x, Chrome 53 & 54, Internet Explorer11, Firefox 48 & 49
SecurityActive Directory, LDAP, RDBMS, CAS, Integrated Microsoft Windows Authentication
JVMOracle Java 8, Oracle OpenJDK 8
Korean Language SupportKorean language support on menus, messages, data processing, and more
Minimum Hardware SpecificationsCPU(4Core), Mem(8GB), HDD(20GB)

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