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분산 서비스 및 시스템의 성능 분석/진단/추적 플랫폼 서비스인 Pinpoint를 Server 설치형으로 제공합니다.

Distributed Services and Systems Performance Analysis, Diagnosis, and Tracking Platform Services

Provides architecture service tracking and analysis consisting of "N" class of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro-Service
Provides diagnostic functions using transaction analysis, topology detection, and bytecode instrumentation in distributed applications

Distributed Transaction Tracking and Visualization for Large Systems
You can track messages in N class applications with high system complexity to understand the distributed transaction information. It also helps you understand the configuration of your application and visually present your application topology.
Automatically Track Transactions without Code Modifications
By using automated bytecode Instrumentation, you can collect diverse and precise diagnostics and trace data without modifying your service code, increase productivity with an abstracted interceptor pattern, and insert performance and transaction information.
Efficient Large Data Transfer and Processing
It replaces repeated API information, SQL, and strings with constant tables and uses the sampling transmission method to optimize the cloud resources of the network and server for large-capacity request from an agent.
Utilize Various Agents and Continuous Expansion
The Pinpoint service provides more than 40 different plug-in functions, adds and expands application functions that can be continuously used for services, and supports various back-end services.

Main Provided Features

Application Topology Analysis

Each application and system component visualizes the interconnected data and automates the topology analysis of distributed systems. Clicking on the application node displays details about the component, such as its current status and the number of transactions.

Real-time Tracking of Valid Transactions

You can use the provided analytical and tracking methods for real-time visualized transactions using the Web Socket

Visualization of Request and Response Patterns

You can visualize the Requests and Response patterns according to their conditions by time zone and user searches through the Scatter Chart to check for specific transaction information that can cause potential issues.

Code-Level Visibility

You can gain code-level visibility for full-service transactions configured in a distributed environment.
You can also identify bottlenecks and failure points via a single view and view error and exception information for your application.

Check Details of Running Applications

You can find various details and additional information about running applications, such as CPU usage, memory/garbage collection, network TPS, and JVM arguments.

Monitoring Settings and Alarms (Coming Soon)

Setting functions, such as User Group and Application Settings, which can be used for the Pinpoint service and the alarm transmission/reception function for monitoring data will be provided as updates to continuously improve performance and functionality in the future.

Introduction to the Pinpoint Service

This large application service consists of various components and communicates internally as well as making API calls to external services. How all these transactions are executed is often left in a kind of black box. Pinpoint tracks transaction flows between these components and provides clear indicators to identify problem areas and potential bottlenecks.

  • ServerMap - Understand the topology of a distributed system by visualizing how components interconnect. Clicking a node provides details about the component (such as the current state and the number of transactions).
  • Real-time active threading chart - Monitor active threads inside the application in real time.
  • Request/Response Scatter Chart - Visualize the number of requests and response patterns over time to identify potential problems.
  • CallStack - Identifies bottlenecks and fault points in a single view to ensure code-level visibility across all transactions in a distributed environment.
  • Inspector - View additional details about applications such as CPU usage, memory/garbage collection, TPS, and JVM acquisition.

Provided Services

A stable version of Pinpoint is installed on Server products.
Pinpoint-related details can be found in the [Official Guide].

VersionPinpoint 1.7.3
OSUbuntu 16.04(64bit), Ubuntu 14.04(64bit)
CentOS 7.3(64bit), CentOS 6.6(64bit)
Open-source SWPinpoint is open-source software developed and released by NAVER.
Pinpoint includes a commercial library called GoJS, and
NAVER BUSINESS PLATFORM uses an OEM license from GoJS.
Therefore, the use of Pinpoint is subject to the license regulations of NAVER Co. and GoJS.


"Pinpoint" uses an open source called Pinpoint developed and released by NAVER Corporation.

Pricing Information

Service Usage Price

  • The Pinpoint service is a product that installs a stable version of the open-source library Pinpoint on the Server product.
  • No additional fee is charged, except for server and public IP usage fees.
TypeProvided VersionCost
Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04
CentOS 7.3, 6.6
Pinpoint 1.7.3free

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