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Uyuni is a deep-learning platform solution to operate, manage, create, and execute deep-learning projects.

Product Details

Main Features

Cloud GPU Server Monitoring

  • The operator checks the GPU server status at a glance
  • Current status and task histories can be viewed in the form of graphs and tables

MultiTenancy, JobScheduling 관리

Independent Development Environment for Multiple Developers

  • Uses the Docker Image that has built a deep-learning environment

Deep-learning Task Scheduling through Effective Use of GPU Server Resources

  • Enables auto/manual change of GPU server resource allocation
  • Enables dynamic change of GPU server resource management policy

Performs Deep Learning by Allocating the Number of GPU Server Resources Set by the Developer

  • Supports single/multiple GPU allocation

Easy, Convenient Development Environment

Deep Learning Without the Need for the Developer to Build a Separate Development Environment

  • Allocates GPU servers using the docker image built for a development environment

Deep Learning Using Various Deep-learning Frameworks

  • Dynamically add the docker images of the deep learning framework: Docker Hub, NGC
  • Updates docker images and sample projects supporting the latest deep learning framework

Verification is possible in Uyuni

Conduct and Verify Deep Learning Conveniently Using Diverse Interfaces

  • Supports Web-Terminal, TensorBoard, Jupyter notebook, DIGITS, and more


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