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Cloud Activity Tracer

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Automatic Collection of NCP Account Activity Logs & Easy Viewing

Cloud Activity Tracer is a service that automatically collects activity logs for accounts on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM service.
Account activity logs are collected through the Console and API by default, and job activity is also recorded via an automated scheduler, such as Auto Scaling.
In addition, the collected account activity history can be easily viewed through the Console Cloud Activity Tracer page.

Cloud Activity Tracer is Your Solution for These Problems

  • If you want to manage a sensitive work history associated with the cloud infrastructure all at once
  • If you want to collect various key information related to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM account activity (including for sub accounts)
  • If you want to archive your account activity log and simply analyze it (with Cloud Log Analytics)
Easily View Key Information Related to Account Activities
With Cloud Activity Tracer, you can easily view a variety of important information, such as work history, work time, work target resources, and job request source on one page by account activity.
Log File Analysis Based on Cloud Log Analytics
To use the Cloud Activity Tracer, you need to intergrate with. (The collected account activity logs are automatically saved to Cloud Log Analytics, the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM’s log management and analysis system). With the built-in features of Cloud Log Analytics, you can easily analyze your account activity logs in a variety of ways.
Efficient Management of Cloud Infrastructure Work History
Managing your work history in your frequently used cloud infrastructure requires a lot of resources. However, Cloud Activity Tracer automatically records the main work history of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, so you can manage your work history more efficiently by reducing the resources required to manage the work history.

Main Provided Features

Automatic Collection and Recording of Various Account Histories and Details

The Cloud Activity Tracer service automatically collects and logs approximately 155 types of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM account activity logs, including account activity using the Console and API, and activities using automatic schedulers, such as Auto Scaling. The settings for automatic log collection are made easily with a few clicks in the Console, and the recorded account activity history contains detailed information, such as the related work history, work time, work resource information, and job request source.

* For more information on the types of account activity logs and information that are collected by Cloud Activity Tracer, see the [Manual](The type of account activities collected will continue to expand.)

Check Account History of Various Types at Once

Cloud Activity Tracer collects not only the activity logs of the main account but also of the subaccounts created through the Sub Account function. Therefore, you can check and manage the history of various kinds of account activity created by a sub account and account history of the account at once.

Easily Search and Filter Recorded Information

If you need to conduct a simple search and filtering of your collected account activity history information, you can easily accomplish this with the search and filter tools provided on the Cloud Activity Tracer page itself, in the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM console.

Use All Features of Cloud Log Analytics

The account activity logs that Cloud Activity Tracer collects are stored by default in Cloud Log Analytics, a log management and analysis system on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. As a result, Cloud Log Analytics automatically archives your account activity log files. It also provides simple analysis of your log files using the log data analysis dashboard and search capabilities provided by Cloud Log Analytics. You can also take advantage of the ability to download logs to Excel or export them to the File Storage service.

* For more information on Cloud Log Analytics, please visit the [Cloud Log Analytics Product Overview] page. (Cloud Log Analytics is a required product for using Cloud Activity Tracer.)

Pricing Information

There is no charge for using the Cloud Activity Tracer service.
However, in order to use the Cloud Activity Tracer service, the Cloud Log Analytics service must be used.
Account activity logs collected by Cloud Activity Tracer are automatically stored in Cloud Log Analytics,
which may incur log storage fees for the Cloud Log Analytics service, depending on the amount of logs stored.

Cloud Log Analytics log storage charges are as follows.

* Enclosed: Cloud Log Analytics log storage fee

Billing standard (month)UnitCharge amount (KRW / unit)
Sum of log usage built-in (1GB or less) 0 KRW
Capacity (per 1GB) 800 KRW

Pricing Example

Case 1) If you store 10GB worth of application logs for 20 days, then store 20GB for the remaining 10 days of the month, the monthly average amount of data stored (GB/month) is as follows:
(Usage is calculated on an hourly basis, for 30 days in a month)
- Monthly average log usage = [10GB x (20 days x 24 hours) + 20GB x (10 days * 24 hours)]/720 hours = 13.3 GB/month
- Total monthly log storage fee = 13.3GB/month * 800 KRW = 10,640 KRW

  • Data is stored for 30 days. Data stored over 30 days will be deleted automatically and no additional notification will be given in advance.

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