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Object Storage

어떤 종류의 데이터든지 언제 어디서나 데이터를 저장하고 확인할 수 있는 객체 스토리지입니다.

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인터넷상에서 데이터를 안전하게 저장하고, 사용할 수
있는 확장 가능한 인프라 구조인 스토리지 제공

Object Storage는 사용자가 인터넷상에 원하는 데이터를 저장하고 사용할 수 있도록 구축된 오브젝트 스토리지입니다. 안전한 보관이 필요하거나, 대용량 데이터를 저장하는데 활용할 수 있으며, 제공되는 API를 사용하여 서버 데이터의 백업 및 복구 용도로도 활용할 수 있습니다.

If you have any of the problems below, Object Storage is the solution for you.

- If you need a storage space to save and download data any time and anywhere
- If you want to specific users or any user to download data
- If you need storage that can directly use the applications linked with Amazon S3

High Stability
Object Storage is designed to prevent data loss, so it offers high durability for data. It is ideal for keeping critical data safe or for keeping backup data for service recovery.
Easy Scalability at Reasonable Costs
Efficient response to services for which usage is difficult to predict is possible. Customers' data storage space starts from GB to PB units and scales according to the business size to improve business agility and flexibility. Business data can be uploaded and managed with simple web-based consoles and APIs without prior regulations.
Safe Use of Data
HTTPS is supported to encrypt data for secure storage and downloading. The stored data is protected with various layers of security measures.
Convenient Use
You can save data yourself from the Web-based consoles, or connect to the Object Storage directly from the server via Restful API to store or access data. In addition, you can manage the storage conveniently with the general tools that use Amazon S3, since the API offers compatibility with Amazon S3.

다양한 방법을 활용한 스토리지 접속 및 객체 단위의 관리가 가능합니다.
데이터 수명주기에 따라 관리가 가능하여 스토리지 비용을 효율화하실 수 있습니다.

Usage Guidance Provided

Easily add or delete large amounts of data using the web-based consoles. Files can be stored via a variety of methods, including web-based consoles, RESTful APIs, and CLIs. The stored files are given a unique access URL for each file, making it easy for multiple users to access via Internet. The maximum size of a single file that can be saved is up to 5TB, and large-sized media files can be stored and shared without limits.

Managing download rights on an object basis

The strong security authentication management feature allows the user to set access right for individual users for saved files. In addition, authorized users can download files via URL. The public authorization feature allows file sharing to all users without any authentication.

S3 SDK Library Compatibility

The provided API supports compatibility with Amazon S3 so you can use familiar tools for added convenience. Easily change the storage using the application program written based on S3 and save data to multi-cloud storage. Also, utilize the various 3rd party tools of S3. (See the manual for the list of supported tools)

Migration Tool Support for File Storage Users

We support a tool to enable you to migrate data stored in File Storage into Object Storage. For more information, see the [Object Storage Manual].

Archive Storage와 연동하여 데이터 수명주기 관리가 가능합니다

활용도가 높은 데이터는 입출력 속도가 빠른 Object Storage에 보관하시고, 규제(Compliance)와 향후 분석을 위해 장기간 저장이 필요한 데이터는 요금이 저렴한 Archive Storage를 이용하여 저장하시면 TCO 관리에 유리합니다. 또한 UI 기반의 관리 도구를 제공함으로써 쉽게 관리하실 수 있습니다.

Use Cases

  • I need an easy way to store and download large files any time and anywhere.
  • Can I share my data with only the people I designate?
Object Storage is a service to let you easily store and download data any time and anywhere in an Internet-connected environment. You can use up to several PB units of storage and save files with sizes up to 5 TB. Permission management is available for bucket and file units so you can share a bucket or file with a designated person.
  • Managing files on the console is not very convenient for me. Is there any other way?
  • I'm currently using the Amazon S3 API on my service. Do I have to edit my code if I use Object Storage?
Object Storage provides an API compatible with Amazon S3. You can use various tools that support S3 for convenient data storage and management with Object Storage. This means that you do not need to make any changes to your existing code when using Object Storage.

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Pricing information

The Object Storage fee is calculated by combining the data storage fee, number of API requests, and network transfer fee.

Data Storage Fee

Standard Server
Usage LevelAverage Monthly Storage Fee (GB per month)
Under 1PB28 KRW
Over 1PB26 KRW
  • E.g. When storing 800GB for 20 days and 2 TB for the remaining 10 days in Object Storage, the average monthly storage fee (GB per month) is as follows (usage is calculated on an hourly basis, for 30 days in a month):
    • Monthly storage = [800GB x (20 days x 24 hours) + 1,024GB x 2 x (10 days x 24 hours)]/720 hours = 1,216GB/month
    • Monthly data storage fee = 1,216GB/month x 28 KRW = 34,048 KRW

Price of API Requests

Price of API Requests
TypeBilling UnitMeter Rate
PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST RequestsPer 10,000 requests45 KRW
GET and Other RequestsPer 10,000 requests4 KRW
DELETE Requests: AllAllFree

Network Transfer Fee

You will only be charged for outbound traffic that connects through the Internet (Internal network transfers with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM server, CDN+, and GCDN is free of charge.)

Network Fee
ClassificationNetworksUnitUsage LevelMeter Rate (monthly)
Inbound trafficAllGBSame for all sectionsFree
Outbound TrafficTraffic through the Internet
(including traffic toward another region via public IP)
GBUnder 5TB100 KRW
5TB–10TB90 KRW
10TB–30TB80 KRW
Over 30TB70 KRW

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