The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM provides solution to meet business requirements in various fields.

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By Industry
  • E-commerce

    We provide end-to-end services, from building the user's own mall to payments, design, and marketing.

  • Medical/Healthcare

    We provide secure and convenient services specific to medical treatments in compliance with all legal standards such as the Medical Service Act, Personal Information Protection Act, and standards on facilities and equipment.

  • Public

    It provides cloud services dedicated to public institutions that meet stringent review requirements of public institutions and have achieved multiple security certifications.

  • Education

    Based on the technology and solutions demonstrated through various references, including the establishment of a remote education system for 3 million people, we provide world best education service.

  • Media

    If you are preparing live and VOD services, you can construct an easy and stable media service right away without the need for a professional engineer.

  • Manufacturing

    We provide a one-stop service customized for manufacturing in which technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data are used to realize effective and fast digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

  • Logistics

    Secure competitiveness through specialized service and data analysis

  • Metaverse

    Provides a metaverse where a variety of digitally expanded worlds can be built and real experiences can be connected

  • Sustainability

    Get a head start in the sustainable energy industry by harnessing cloud solutions such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics.

By Type
  • Business Applications

    Reduce the TCO by carrying out important business tasks in the cloud environment

  • Web Hosting

    Operate flexibly by building up a fast and inexpensive website

  • Video Cooperation

    A safe and flexible environment to enable video cooperation across various devices and complicated environments

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

    Start a fast and easy data protection and IT infrastructure operations for the business continuity of enterprise under cloud environment.

  • Contact Center

    Quick and easy way to adopt a customer support system on a reliable cloud environment

  • CLOVA Chatbot Solution

    Innovate your customer response processes faster-than-ever by building a chatbot solution provided by the chatbot competency partners of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM

  • Big Data

    You can easily analyze large-scale datasets in the cloud environment.

  • IoT(Internet of Things)

    Safely and easily manage millions of devices of various types

  • 3D Geospatial Data

    Build digital twins of smart cities in a virtual environment.

  • HPC

    Quick, on-demand access to high performance computing resources for research and development in the cloud.