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Security Service for Safer Management of Important Information Assets

Secure Zone provides the infrastructure and network configuration to help you stay in line with the Information and Communication Act and other relevant regulations.
Use Secure Zone Firewall, DB Security Solution, and Secure Zone for safe information management.

Minimized Business Loss from Personal Information Leakage
The increasing amount of hacking or intrusions from external sources and negligence or malicious acts from internal sources are becoming a serious threat to business continuity due to the leakage of sensitive data, such as customers’ personal information. Secure Zone provides an optimized environment to protect important customer information from various internal and external threats based on the Personal Information Protection Act.
Linking with Existing Products for Convenient Usage
Connect with your existing products, such as Server, Storage, and LB, to extend and configure the service in a quickly and easily. You can safely extend your existing service by connecting the Server in the Secure Zone and other Zone products of general service to a private IP.
Network Access Control Between the Service Zone and Secure Zone
Set an access control policy to the instance created within the secure zone. You can use the following features:
· High performance traffic/session management
· Object management and traffic usage lookup
· Default redundancy configuration to ensure high availability
Secure Zone Usage Process

Detailed Features

You can configure Secure Zone by selecting the products to meet your needs and purpose: SSL-VPN, Secure Zone Firewall, DB Security Solution, and Secure Zone.

Server Access via SSL-VPN

Server access is only available via SLL-VPN, since Secure Zone does not provide a public IP. Thus, if the server is a Secure Zone generated server, it provides a strong security service for not only for personal information DB but also for WAS and the general server.

Access Control via Secure Zone Firewall

Secure Zone Firewall provides the following features:

  • Firewall Policy: Set to allow or deny bidirectional network access control rules for IPs, protocols, and ports between Service Zone and Secure Zone.
  • IP address: See the list of IP addresses for the Service Zone and Secure Zone on the policy configuration page and minimize user input errors.
  • Address Group: Create a group using the customer VM list and use it for policy configuration.
  • Network Usage: Look up and view the firewall traffic usage (billable) in daily or hourly units.
  • Secure Zone Firewall log information will be necessarily collected and stored into Cloud Log Analytics (CLA) service.

DB Security Through DB Security Solution

An access control solution and an encryption solution must be applied to DBs that contain personal information in order to meet the personal information protection measures set forth by law. And the access control solution must include the query monitoring function.

You can use your own solutions or use the features included in the DB. However on public cloud, you must you a CC certified encryption solution, which includes a cryptographic module approved by the relevant institution in Korea.

* Secure Zone Desktop: We do not provide a secure zone for desktop. You need to configure a separated Internet environment for the device to access the personal information database.

* DB Security Solution: You need to select a 3rd party solution for configuration.

(Advanced 옵션 선택 시) IPsec VPN 통신을 통한 하이브리드(Hybrid) 구성 지원

Secure Zone Firewall의 Advanced 옵션을 선택한 경우, Secure Zone 서버들에 대해 IPsec VPN을 연동할 수 있습니다.

Secure Zone과 레거시(Legacy) 인프라 간 하이브리드(Hybrid) 구성이 필요한 경우, 본 옵션을 이용해서 고객의 서비스 구조를 확장할 수 있습니다.

  • Advanced 옵션은 별도 요금제로 과금됩니다.
  • Advanced 옵션은 IPsec VPN 연동을 허용해 주는 기능으로, IPsec VPN 상품은 별도로 구매하셔야 합니다.
IPsec VPN 표
기능Secure Zone Firewall
Firewall기본 제공기본 제공
Secure Zone 서버 접근통제기본 제공기본 제공
IDS기본 제공기본 제공
사설 IP 통신 허용기본 제공기본 제공
SSL VPN 통신 허용기본 제공기본 제공
Private Subnet 접근통제미제공기본 제공
IPsec VPN 통신 허용미제공기본 제공

Pricing Information

The following prices are charged depending on the products selected for using Secure Zone. For Secure Zone Firewall, a basic usage fee is applied.

SSL VPN Service Fee

(Excluding VAT)
SSL-VPN 이용요금 표
Service TypeSingle-factor authenticationTwo-factor authentication
Up to 3 external access IDs can be registered9,000 KRW/month40,000 KRW/month
Up to 5 external access IDs can be registered12,000 KRW/month70,000 KRW/month
Up to 10 external access IDs can be registered24,000 KRW/month100,000 KRW/month

- You can select an option of 3, 5, or 10 IDs. The price is based on the selected product, rather than the number of IDs that the customer has registered.
(For example, if you select the 3 ID service, you will be charged for 3 IDs even if you only register 2 IDs.)
- If the SSL VPN usage fee is charged on a monthly basis and the usage time is less than one month, the fee will be calculated by the number of days used.
- Pricing will be implemented based on Korea Standard Time (UTC+9).

Network Transfer Fee

Any network traffic generated by 3rd party access to the server via SSL VPN will be charged with the network traffic used by the server.

Secure Zone Firewall

(Excluding VAT)
Secure Zone Firewall 이용요금 표
TypeUsage Fee
Basic Usage FeeStandard400,000 KRW/month
Advanced600,000 KRW/month
Additional Usage Fee 시간별 피크 트래픽(Peak Traffic) 기준
· 30Mbps 이하 : 추가 비용 없음.
· 30Mbps 초과 : 30Mbps 초과분에 대해 10Mbps당 50원/시간 (※ 초과분은 10Mbps단위로 올림하여 계산)
  • Secure Zone 이용을 위한 필수 상품인 Firewall을 신청하게 되면 기본 이용료가 부과되며, Secure Zone Firewall 상품 신청부터 해지까지 일할 계산됩니다.
  • Firewall의 Advanced 옵션 선택 시, 별도의 기본 요금제가 적용됩니다.
    ※ 단, 기본이용료는 일할 계산되므로, 옵션 변경일은 중복하여 계산됩니다
    ※ 예시, 4월 1일부터 4월 10일 Standard 옵션을 이용한 후, 4월 10일에 변경하여 4월 10일부터 4월 30일까지 Advanced 옵션을 이용한 경우 이용 금액은 약 553,330원입니다. ((기본 이용료 40만원 x 10일/30일) + (기본 이용료 60만원 x 21일/30일))
  • Firewall의 Advanced 옵션 해지 시, Standard 상태로 복귀되므로 Standard 옵션에 해당하는 기본요금은 계속 발생됩니다.
    만약, Secure Zone Firewall 상품의 이용요금 발생을 원하지 않으시면, Standard 옵션까지 해지 부탁드립니다.
  • 추가 이용료는 Secure Zone Firewall에서 처리된 시간별 피크 트래픽(Peak Traffic)을 10Mbps 단위로 올림하여 산정됩니다.
    ※ Advanced 옵션 선택 시, 피크 트래픽은 내부 통신과 IPsec VPN 통신이 합산되어 산정됩니다.
  • 시간별 피크 트래픽은 30Mbps까지는 추가 이용료 없이 제공되며, 30Mbps 초과 사용한 부분에 대해서만 10Mbps 단위로 올림하여 과금됩니다.
    ※ 예시, 해당월 내에 시간별 피크 트래픽이 30Mbps을 넘지 않은 경우에는 기본 이용료만 발생됩니다.
    ※ 예시, 해당월 내에 1시간 동안만 피크 트래픽이 45Mbps 발생하고 그 이외의 시간 동안에는 30Mbps 이하로 사용했을 경우, 기본 이용료 이외의 추가 이용료는 100원이 발생됩니다. 추가 발생 15Mbps(= 45Mbps-30Mbps)를 10Mbps 단위로 올림하면 20Mbps으로 산정됩니다. (50원 x 20Mbps/10Mbps x 1시간 => 100원 발생)
  • 이용요금은 한국 표준 시간대(UTC+9)를 기준으로 산정됩니다.

Cloud Log Analytics

Secure Zone Firewall requires you to use Cloud Log Analytics service.

※ The CLA fee is charged by combining the log storage fee and API call fee.

(Excluding VAT)
Billing Basis (Monthly)UnitBilling Amount (KRW/Unit)
Combined Log UsageProvided as default (1GB or less)0 KRW
Capacity (Per 1GB)800 KRW

Pricing Example

Case 1) If you store 10GB worth of application logs for 20 days, then store 20GB for the remaining 10 days of the month, the monthly average amount of data stored (GB-month) is as follows:
(Usage is calculated on an hourly basis, for 30 days in a month)
- Monthly average log usage = [10GB x (20 days x 24 hours) + 20GB x (10 days x 24 hours)]/720 hours = 13.3 GB-month
- Monthly log storage fee = 13.3GB-month x 800 KRW = 10,640 KRW

  • The data storage period is 30 days. After 30 days, the data is automatically deleted without prior notice.
  • API calls are used when you use the public API of CLA from external services. Currently, it is free of charge.

IPsec VPN 이용요금

상품 구분월 요금
대역폭 보장 10Mbps75,000원
대역폭 보장 20Mbps150,000원
대역폭 보장 30Mbps225,000원
  • 상품은 대역폭 보장 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 30Mbps 중 선택 가능하며, 선택된 상품 기준으로 과금됩니다.
  • 대역폭 보장은 양방향입니다. (예를 들어, 10Mbps를 선택하면 인바운드 트래픽 10Mbps 아웃바운드 트래픽 10Mbps 가 보장됩니다.)
  • 보장 대역폭을 초과하는 경우 패킷 유실이 발생하오니 보장 대역폭 내에서 사용하길 바랍니다.
  • 고객 외부 IPsec VPN Gateway는 Cisco 계열 사용을 권장합니다.
  • 임대형 Managed IPsec VPN 상품의 요금은 별도 문의를 부탁드립니다.

DB Security Solution

  • DB control access solution: Select a solution on the product or contact customer support for information on other external solution services.
  • DB encryption solution: Select a solution on the product or contact customer support for information on other external solution services.

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