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Automated Distribution Service Providing Distribution Process

SourceDeploy is a distribution service which automates distribution on the server group. You can automate source distribution, execution, and verification through preset user-based commands and also minimize the service interruption time while distributing.

Automated Distribution
You can automate all processes including source distribution, execution, and verification in the server group to distribute. If auto scaling is connected, you can implement Continuous Delivery (CD) of software by automatically distributing the most recently distributed source even on the scaled out server.
Controls Through Distribution Approval
You can control to execute the approval of distribution through the distribution execution manager. Quality of service can be guaranteed by applying only the distribution which is mandatory.
Execution of Command by Each Distribution Stage
Set the necessary commands before and after distributing the source to execute the tasks necessary for distribution automatically. The distribution process can be extended more flexibly using these commands.

Detailed Features

Configuration of Stage and Scenario per Project

You can configure various types of stages within one project. Set server groups by each stage of project and create many scenarios to be executed from each stage to configure and execute various distribution processes. Through these settings, you can manage server groups and scenarios by each project at a glance.

Selection of Distribution Files Through Object Storage and SourceBuild

You can select the source to distribute out of Object Storage and SourceBuild. If you upload the source as a compressed form in Object Storage, you can distribute it by downloading the file automatically while distributing. If you select SourceBuild, the last successful outcome of the build project is checked to distribute this outcome automatically.

Detailed Log

Can check logs generated on the target server in real time on the console. You can quickly check and respond to logs generated during the deployment process.

Setup of Distribution Execution Manager

Set up the distribution execution manager to control so that the distribution is executed only through approval on the distributions generated for a specific stage. If there are many managers set up, distribution is executed according to the approval rule.

Access Control by Each User

SourceDeploy can control access by each distribution project by connecting to the subaccount of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.


Pricing Information

SourceDeploy can be used free of charge regardless of the number of distributions if distributed as a NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM service.

If a code is deployed as on-premise using SourceDeploy, fees will be charged based on the number of deployments.
Deployment target is currently limited to the instances of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and will be extended to an external server in the future.

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