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A total medical solution from Chunneung IT, the company specialized in medical IT solution that has been distributing electronic medical records (EMR) for thirty years.
Smart Doctor is a system as well as a service that supports the maximization of medical treatment management and customer management for medical institutions.
It is composed of Smart NC (electronic chart), Smart Doctor CRM, Smart Chart, and Smart Automatic Intake.

Product Details

Main Features

Mobile App Optimized for Hospital Management (Supports iOS and Android)

You can instantly check the indices necessary for hospital management using the mobile App.
For example, you can check the number of reservations for the next day, the previous day’s sales amount, and which prescription was subscribed to a specific patient. In addition, you can also link the VIP phone numbers and patient charts for use.

Complete Paperless 'Smart Chart,' Electronic Chart, and CRM in one 'Smart Doctor'

Various types of consent forms, surgery charts, medical papers, etc. can be completely replaced for a 100% paperless environment in hospitals. You can also enjoy the effect of saving labor costs by substituting admission duties through automatic admission.
Through various statistics and detailed features of Smart Doctor CRM, you can manage patients, sales, and even recall.

Detailed Features

Smart NC

  • An innovative electronic chart for the smart era, developed over 4 years
  • Used as an EMR and OCS at small and large hospitals
  • A synergy effect when linked with the smart doctor series (smart chart/smart automatic intake/pen chart)
  • Improved hospital marketing features
  • Helps to provide an improved medical service to customers (patients)
  • 1. Use the screen configuration of the existing program as it is
    • The screen can be setup according to user preference
    • The screen can be automatically set up in a similar way to the displays of other programs
    • Useful for new users and doctors on the payroll
  • 2. Converging is possible with medical data from other organizations
  • 3. Use a convenient and easy program & strengthen the service satisfaction within the hospital
  • 4. Can be linked with various types of visual equipment (ultrasonic or endoscopy)
  • 5. Automatic linkage service of consignment checkup is possible (EONE Laboratories and more.)
  • 6. System for patient waiting list (link to TVs and hospital promotional videos) and voice calling patients

Smart Doctor DRM

1. First in the industry to have a Kakao notification linked CRM – Automatically sends notifications to patients for reservation, registration, change of reservation, or cancellation of reservation

2. Complete management of patients, conduct consultations, and make reservation for each treatment

3. Image left/right comparison feature and easy treatment in the image upload feature

4. Easy handling of payments using treatment codes and check statistics per consultant/payee

Smart Phone Chart & Smart Chart

1. Can easily check patient's medical treatment record, hospital reservation, waiting list status, and sales statistics on a smartphone
2. The smart chart is compatible with a tablet PC and can completely replace paper charts

Installation & Usage Guide

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