Partner Program

For a Successful Future, Join the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM

For a Successful Future, Join the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and a partner, together as one.

We support partners with diverse business know-how to achieve
meaningful growth based on cloud technology.

Combining cloud technology and business know-how


Partner Type

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM classifies the partner type according to content and purpose of the service provided to the user.

  • Service Partners

    "Service partners" sell NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services to customers or
    provide the necessary technical support quickly.

    Managed Service Provider

    "Managed Service Providers (MSP)" manage customers directly and can provide technical support and various additional services.
    They design and build cloud systems for our customers, provide migration services, and a variety of solutions to meet customer needs.


    "Resellers" do not have the infrastructure to manage billing or provide technical support directly to the customer.
    Resellers introduce the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services to interested customers and put their efforts toward proposing solutions to potential customers.

    * If you wish to form a reseller partnership, please consult with NAVER Cloud Platform Premium partners. (Partner introduction)

  • Solution Partner

    If you provide a software solution or SaaS-type service
    that operates on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can become a "solution partner."

    ISV Solution Partner

    "ISV Solution Partners" provide software solutions that operate on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.
    They can receive certification for their software solution on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and become listed on the ISV Solution Partner list.

    SaaS Biz Partner

    "SaaS BiZ Partners" build SaaS solutions on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and conduct services directly.
    The solutions of SaaS BiZ Partners utilize the resources and services of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, which makes them a special type of a NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM customer.

  • Competency Partner

    "Competency Partner" means a differentiated partner with certain technical skills in the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM solution sector.
    This is a partner that has proven its capabilities by possessing expertise and building customer success cases after going through consultation and training processes for the products of the applicable sector.

    Qualifications of Competency Partner

    · Provides solutions and services in the relevant sector
    · Continuous compliance with the competency partner criteria
    · Successful performance and capability of competency services
    · Maintaining confidentiality and regulations related to the competency products

    Competency Partner Sector

    The competency partner sectors operated by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM are shown as below and will continue to be added to.

    (Cloud Data Box / CLOVA AiCall / CLOVA OCR / CLOVA Chatbot / SMARTWORK(NAVER WORKS+WORKPLACE) / Maps / Cloud Search) etc

Partner Benefits

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM partners receive a variety of benefits and support.

Server Specifications
Business support · Discounts on NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services
· Incentives
· Credit
· Training coupons
Marketing support · Event participation
· Use of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM logo
· Marketing funds
· Partner promotions
· Press releases and marketing content support
Technical support · Technical contents
· Participation in technical seminars
· Webinars
· Troubleshooting
Training support · Training at the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Learning Center
· Participation in technical training programs for partners
  • For global partnerships, certain benefits may differ. Please make an inquiry to [Contact us] for details.

Partner Registration

We are waiting for your suggestions to change the world and experience new success with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

  • 101 Request

    · After registering your proposal, you will receive a registration confirmation email (including the proposal registration number required for future inquiries) to the email address you entered.

    · In case of partner requests that require disclosure of various intellectual property rights (e.g. patents, designs, and copyrights), please complete your legal registration before making the proposal.

    · Please list only "content for disclosure" that does not include trade secrets or confidential information.

  • 202 Review

    · The person in charge of partners from the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM will contact you within 5 business days.

    · Mutual agreement will be carried out on the matters for the partner cooperation.

    · Materials shared for mutual agreement are used solely for partnership purposes.

    · Implementation of scenario and service tests may be required depending on circumstances.

  • 303Settlement &

    · The contract will be settled based on the contents discussed with the person in charge of partners from NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

    · The contract is signed on/offline.

  • 404 Completion

    · After signing the contract, the introductory materials on the partner will be displayed on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM portal and various partner-related materials.

    · Use of the Partners Website is possible upon registering as a partner.

    · Staff is assigned for continuous technical and marketing support.