• Reliable content delivery

    NAVER Cloud Platform's Content Delivery has acquired multiple national and international certifications in reliability and security, and its dedicated engineers have been committed to developing reliable content delivery technology with the goal of reducing security incidents to zero. Now you can enjoy the improved content delivery quality and speed at any time, from anywhere.

  • IT resources managed through standard models

    Global CDN is a geographically distributed network of hundreds of thousands of caching servers across over 120 countries that speeds up content delivery to your global users. When traffic increases because of music and video streaming or large file downloads, caching servers come in handy by reducing the load on origin servers. The result is improved content delivery quality and speed.

  • Specialized service for games, broadcasting, and media

    The rapid development of the online business environment has led to diversification of content and an increase in high-volume contents. NAVER Cloud Platform's Content Delivery service is not just a simple CDN service, but specializes in games, broadcasting, and media to help you grow with technological innovation.