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You can use the various solutions joined with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

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  • Point of Sales Management, Salespoint Promotion

    CRM can be a competitive edge of a company! Use "Salepoint" for perfect sales management
    Enjoy it as a special benefit at Naver Cloud Platform!

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  • DB Encryption Solution PrivacyDB | TrialPromotion

    Use PrivateDB, a safer DB encryption solution with hybrid-based APIs free for three months and make your service stable!

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  • Data analysis solution ProDiscoveryPromotion

    Through event log data analysis, check your company's process at a glance!
    Use ProDiscovery for 2 months, you can use it for free for 1 month!

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  • D'Guard EYE, D'Guard | Free for 5 monthsPromotion

    Block scattered personal information leakage and solve DB and file encryption at once!
    Use D'GuardEYE, D'Guard for 5 months for free!

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  • CRM marketing solution Bigin promotionPromotion

    Create loyal customers with smart customer data analysis!
    Use CRM marketing solution Bigin for 2 months, get 1 month free!

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  • AI backup solution Acronis | Free trial Promotion

    From company data security to responding to ransomware attacks all at once!
    Solve it with Acronis, the AI-based behavior detection backup solution

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  • Netfunnel | 1 Month Free trialPromotion

    Stop worrying about budget overruns for carefully planned events, and easily provide services!
    Use NetFUNNEL for 1 month for free!

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  • Malgn E-learning | Free for 1 MonthPromotion

    Without a system administrator or representative, you can start e-learning program right away. Use Malgn E-learning Solution free for a month!

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  • All that online mall, Meta-commerce Promotion

    Try Meta-commerce for free! Enable the production and operation of shopping malls and enjoy various benefits, including free infrastructure cost!

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  • AI Platform Cheetah | 50% Off (A month)Promotion

    CHEETAH enables you to handle everything from AI training to AI service deployment in one solution. Use it at a 50% discount price for the first month

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  • Veeam 1 Month Trial and 15 + 1 PromotionPromotion

    Design the most secure data protection with the popular backup solution Veeam!

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