You can use the various solutions joined with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

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  • All that online mall, Meta-commerce Promotion

    Try Meta-commerce for free! Enable the production and operation of shopping malls and enjoy various benefits, including free infrastructure cost!

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  • Data encryption D'Amo | 3 Months freePromotion

    Try D'Amo full package, the very first data encryption platform in Korea, and use it for free for three months!

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  • AI Platform Cheetah | 50% Off (A month)Promotion

    Try Cheetah AI platform and easily distribute AI education solutions reasonably at 50% off the first month!

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  • Veeam 1 Month Trial and 15 + 1 PromotionPromotion

    Design the most secure data protection with the popular backup solution Veeam!

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  • DBSAFER DB, AM | 3 Months Free PromotionPromotion

    Let's use DBSAFER (Integrated Access Control), the No. 1 solution in the access control industry, free of charge and increase security!

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  • Zconverter Server Backup | 3 Months FreePromotion

    Back up server data on On-premise to a cost-effective NAVER Cloud Platform environment!

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