You can use the various solutions joined with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

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  • Cloud Contact(Basic)Promotion

    Cloud-based intergrated IPCC solution with cost-efficient high quality service suited for small-scale business

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  • WizCampaign

    Outbound contact solution: Automated outbound calls for phone campaigns like TM and matching call center staff to customer answered

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  • DB Safer DB

    Private information leak prevention with access control to personal DB, SQL audit and logging

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  • VeeamPromotion

    Experience the best and cost effective technology proven by 330k customers around the world and full OS, DB backup from physical to cloud environment.

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  • Forbiz Korea

    - Solution-based custom development
    - Integrated system with ERP
    - Integrated global online shop
    - Cloud-optimized & highly secure

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  • Tibero

    Nation’s 1st disk-based RDBMS solution annually growing over 20% proved by 2,500 references

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