You can use the various solutions joined with NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

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  • Vertica 1TB 3-month free trialPromotion

    Large data analysis platform based on Pure-MPP & Native Columnar architecture

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  • Radware Bot Manager 1 month free trialPromotion

    Detects and defends against automated threat bots.

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  • PC Filter 3-month free trialPromotion

    Information leakage prevention solution that prevents leakage of sensitive/personal information and important information in advance

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  • Veeam 1 month free trial and consultingPromotion

    Multi-cloud, virtual and physical server backup, disaster recovery and management software

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  • Forbiz Korea

    - Solution-based custom development
    - Integrated system with ERP
    - Integrated global online shop
    - Cloud-optimized & highly secure

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