Data Forest New

This is a big data analysis platform that provides open source applications ranging from big data analysis to machine learning.

Data Forest beta event

  • Specifications provided for each main account during the beta period are as follows.
  • Number of Data Forest accounts: 1
  • Number of applications per Data Forest account: Up to 10
  • Resource limits: Applied by summing up all application resources.
  • √ 64vCPU

    √ 256GB Memory

    √ 1vGPU

    √ 100TB HDFS

  • Please contact the customer center for additional resources. They can be expanded after review.
  • Details relating to beta pricing are as follows.
  • No charges will apply for Data Forest resources used during the beta period.
  • Charges will apply for the user's SSL VPN and server used to access Data Forest.
  • The SLA does not apply to free trials during the beta period.
  • Details relating to the maintenance of beta resources are as follows.
  • Data Forest resources in use are reset upon official release.
  • If you need to keep the data used during the beta period, please contact us and we will provide support after review.
  • The point of official release and switch to a paid service will be announced a month in advance.
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