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As the leading database access control solution with the largest market share in South Korea, DBSAFER DB prevents the leakage of personal information and minimizes the risk through access and permission control on personal information database and auditing and logging of SQL.

Product Details

Product Overview

Main Features

DBSAFER DB provides authorization and access control, storage of audit log records, monitoring features, as well as data masking, reporting, approval and various authentication features ( ID / PW / MAC / 2-Factor ).


DBSAFER DB products fully comply with the latest information security related regulations.

[ Personal Information Security Standards (established by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety) ]

-Article 4 (Establishment and Implementation of Internal Management Plan) Establishment and implementation of an internal management plan is required for safe handling of personal information.

-Article 5 (Management of Access Authorization) Records on granted authorization, changes, or cancellations and safe password management settings are required.

-Article 6 (Access Control) Restrict access permission and detect illegal access.
<Exclusive feature of DBSAFER>

-Article 7 (Encryption of Personal Information) Encryption of personal information and network sections
<Exclusive feature of DBSAFER>

-Article 8 (Retention and Inspection of Access Records) Prevention of forgery and tampering with access records
<Exclusive feature of DBSAFER>

Electronic Financial Supervision Regulations (Financial Services Commission Notice)

-Article 27 (Control of Electronic Ledger) Automatic recording and preservation of details before and after amendment in the electronic ledger

Main Strengths

-User authentication through email, SMS, and OTP

-Blocking or isolating accounts when the number of allowed login attempts is exceeded

-Access control when the referral limit for the set table is exceeded

-Automated application of security policies through automatic tracking and identification of personal information in the server

-Blocking direct access or access bypassing on key protected servers


Requirement - A gateway is required for security features and the gateway server space should be provided by the client.
(Recommended specifications - CPU: 4v CPUs, RAM: 16 GB, HDD: 500 GB)
DBSAFER DB License - Purchase is required based on the total sum of vCPUs assigned to the protected DB servers.
- The monthly price is 120,000 KRW per 2vCPUs and the cost of 1 vCPU in total is the same as the cost of 2 vCPUs.
- The minimum contract period is 24 months, and an early termination fee will be levied if you cancel before the end of your contract. (Remaining months in the contract * Monthly usage fee)
- The contract will be renewed automatically every month at 120,000 KRW, unless either party expresses opposition to the contract.
120,000 KRW/month
Additional Service 1 Service type: Remote routine maintenance service
Service: Monthly routine maintenance (once a month) with a routine maintenance report
Note: Based on less than 10 DB servers for protection
200,000 KRW/once a month
Additional Service 2 Service type: Technical support / on-site consultation
Service: Technical consultation on DB access control, training, policy consulting, and support for building
Note: Additional cost for travel and transportation at 200,000 KRW per hour is required for areas outside of Seoul and Gyeonggi.
200,000 KRW/per hour

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