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As a company specialized in e-commerce software, Forbiz Korea has 10 years of experience and know-how on various enterprise-type shopping malls.
Forbiz Korea provides comprehensive services needed by the enterprises, such as shopping mall production, infrastructure service, maintenance/operation/management, development outsourcing, global partnership, and global market entry, based on its self-developed 'Enterprise Solution'.

Product Details

The Specialized form for Enterprises
e-Commerce Solution
'Forbiz Korea Enterprise 4.0'

At FORBIZ KOREA, start a high-quality, customized project based on a verified solution.

Features of the Solution

Mounted With Business Administration Feature

Mounted with a wide range of ERP features, including Warehouse Management System (WMS), basic information management, electronic tax invoice, and electronic contract, you can drastically save on time and cost when connecting legacy systems.

In-Store Open Market Structure

Mounted with various effective processes for building one-stop shopping sites and open markets based on Korea’s most detailed seller and settlement management features.

Integrated Global Mall System

Linked with domestic and foreign channels by providing multi-front language currency design and an open API for integrated management of a global mall that reacts to country, language, and currency.

B2B2C Integrated Management Structure

Effective operation of B2B2C business is possible by integrating wholesale and retail price systems. Also, implementation of various types of services, such as estimating systems or an MRO-type shopping mall that has corporations as members, is possible.

Mobile Service Management

Effective management of mobile exhibitions, promotions, events, and content on iOS/Android apps is possible and can be utilized for various types of O2O services by providing an LBS-based push notification feature.

Multidimensional Statistics and Analysis Tool

Multidimensional analysis is provided for big data analysis in addition to simple database collection by collecting and analyzing various visitor and consumer activities.


Experience-based web security system is provided to consult on and provide security items specially designed for shopping malls, even for ISMS responses and HW/SW/NET security.

Integrated Order Management of Partnership Channels

Listing your products in various marketplaces, such as domestic/foreign open markets, is possible. Orders can be managed as one and there is even a statistics inventory management feature for each channel all on one system.

Other Additional Features for Flexible Operation

System is mounted with specialized features, such as split order, partial cancellation, multiple invoice input for a single order, deposit payment, manual order input, deferred payment, publicity & reward by member rating, and VIP management.

Detailed Features


Contact us for prices: Prices vary depending on customer requirements and scale as each package is built to meet individual needs.

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

UsageTypeSpecificationsAmountOS VersionApplication Info
Web ServerStandard SSD Server28GB50GB2CentOS 6.8 64-bitApache/2.2.15PHP 5.2.17
DB ServerStandard SSD Server416GB200GB2CentOS 6.8 64-bitApache/2.2.15PHP 5.2.17
Individual ServerStandard SSD Server28GB50GB1CentOS 6.8 64-bitApache/2.2.15PHP 5.2.17MariaDB/10.1.21
Unique Storage for Web ServerNAS500GB1
Service/DevelopmentPublic IP2
Load BalancingLB1

* The above is a recommended configuration. Server products may be reduced or expanded depending on the required scale.
* Enterprise 4.0 is the product version applied.
* Exclusive product of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM provided as a SaaS type or a license-based build type.

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Meet the unique technology and know-how of Forbiz Korea, proven by more than 300 projects of building an e-commerce platform over the past decade.

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