A Free Security Service
to Keep Your Online Business Safe

Anyone using the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM receives solid security service by default

Preventing your computing resources from security Incidents
A minimum security setting will be applied when generating a server through NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM of the customer.
Security Controls Against Suspected Intrusion
With the Intrusion Detection System, we provide 24/7 security. In case of an intrusion, we notify you immediately to prevent further damage. The attack detection pattern of the intrusion detection system was developed with NBP's operational know-how and can detect the latest attack types.
Security Vulnerability Notices
We will alert you to major security vulnerabilities. The notice informs you immediately of the impact of the vulnerability and the necessary countermeasures to minimize the damage from security threats.

Detailed Features

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM provides various security functions.

Server Security Setting

You can select init scripts for the server provided by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM to adjust hardening according to your needs.
(Scheduled for release) We are planning to add security settings for various types of OS and PCI DSS certifications in the future.

Basic Security Monitoring

The latest attack detection service is offered to protect customer services. Report of security incidents based on the detected event analysis will be provided. This report includes the source IP address and attack pattern of the suspected attacker and the predicted effect and guideline of response.

Security Vulnerability Notice

Informs you of the impact of major security vulnerabilities, such as vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows OS and Apache Struts, and countermeasures

Free basic security service provided to all customers.

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