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Sub Account Update

대표 계정 아래에 서브 계정을 생성해 업무 역할별로 권한 관리를 할 수 있습니다

Managing Permissions with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

You can create and manage sub-accounts, to enable staff members or customer groups to collectively operate and manage services. You can register internal users as sub-accounts and grant privileges for specific services. Registered internal users can use the same service as the main account for the services they received the permission for.

Convenient Use
To create a sub-account, use the Web console to enter the name and password of the sub-account, and then specify the desired permissions. After that, you can temporally freeze or withdraw the sub-account, change the permitted group, or change the password. Each sub-account has a separate connection URL, so that users can log in with the appropriate name and password.
Improved security with authorization by service
Set the permissions for usage per service to only allow use of authorized services for sub-accounts. Because multiple sub-accounts can have the same permissions, a user’s information can be saved in important tasks for services. There are currently four different permission groups (Server, Monitoring, Financial Management, and Infrastructure Management), with more scheduled to be added later.
User-Defined Access Permission
You can define permissions for the subaccount as a policy. These policies can be assigned per subaccount or group and the access to the portal and the console will differ depending on the assigned policy.

Can systematically control access by assigning authority to each person in charge, and can strongly protect service access by setting up two-factor authentication for users with high authority.

Setting the Permissions

When a sub-account is initially created, it has no permissions other than the login. You must set the appropriate permissions based on the members’ role. After the permissions are set, the members of the sub-account can act freely within the permitted parameters. People with multiple responsibilities can be given several permissions within a sub-account.

Assigning permissions by group

Can conveniently manage the rights while adding/deleting sub-accounts within the group as it can grant authority to the group consisting of sub accounts and thereby assigning permission authority by group.

2-Factor Authentication Settings

You can specify whether to use 2-factor authentication for each subaccount. If you set up 2-factor authentication, you can manage accounts and resources more strictly through an extra layer of security such as email, SMS, or OTP.

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