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MSSee is a service suitable for broadcasting/media companies that must repeat video/audio production/storage/editing/distribution or for content specialized companies planning to make profits through advertising or OTT service. LANZAM is the best solution for building content streaming and download services, and for doing things such as servicing high resolution real-time live broadcasts without delay at a low cost.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Video/audio search and metadata management
  • High speed file transfer (Media Farm)
  • Real-time ingest support
  • Supports the main codecs and resolutions
  • The operator can design the workflow directly.
  • Rough cut editing of video and linkage with NLE
  • Production/programming/transmission of broadcasting programs
  • Insertion of advertisement / statistical analysis


  • Integration of media service workflow
  • Systematic and effective management of media assets
  • Low-cost and high quality media conversion
  • Instant extension of video encoding
  • Online live broadcast without delay

Customer Benefits

  • Use of a professional media solution at a low cost
  • Profit-making from the advertisement of multimedia business
  • Minimizes the burden of operation with cloud service
  • The service provider can concentrates on the contents


Basic Monthly Flat RateTypeBasicPremiumEnterprise
LANZAMMonthly Flat Rate (10,000 KRW)50120Negotiable upon request (200)
Login (count)28Negotiable upon request
Media Convert (minutes)5001,200Negotiable upon request
Live Stream (hours)410Negotiable upon request
BISNot includedNot includedIncluded
Usage ServiceTypeOutput per minuteOutput per hourPer day
Media ConvertUHD (1080 or higher)402,40057,600
HD (720 or higher)251,50036,000
SD (720 or higher)1060014,400
Audio only53007,200
Usage ServiceTypeMore than 250 hours/month100h-250h/month20h-100h/monthLess than 20h/month
Live Stream (Billed on Each Channel)HD4,0005,0006,0007,000
Audio only5007501,0001,200
Usage ServiceTypeUsage Section (Conversion Frequency/Month)Usage Fee (KRW)
Image OptimizerPer 1,000 image conversionsUnder 100,000 conversionsFree
1,000–10,000 conversions2,000 KRW/ 1,000 conversions
10,000–3,000,000 conversions1,500 KRW/ 1,000 conversions
Over 3,000,000 conversions1,000 KRW/ 1,000 conversions
Usage ServiceTypePremiumEnterprise
Web RTCMonthly Flat Rate170,000 KRWNegotiable upon request
Live / video image communicationAvailableAvailable
Recording/storage of contentRestrictedAvailable
Cloud resourceRestrictedNegotiable upon request

Recommended Server Products and Specifications

Media ConvertMAM Server816Linux
Agent Server816Linux
StorageBlock HDD
DBDB Server48
DB StorageBlock SSD

* The above is an example and may be reduced or expanded depending on the service scale and capacity.

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