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Are you still writing down your call content in Excel? Are you paying for the recording fees? Use Smart N Call with monthly costs per seat without the need to build a service for the contact center.
Smart N Call provides a professional contact center service at low cost for offices or customer centers that need to provide call consultations. It enables efficient customer management, prevention of departure of existing customers, and use of various additional services of the telecommunication company to increase customer satisfaction and work efficiency. Never lose a customer again with Smart N Call cloud service!

Product Details

Main Features

FeatureDescriptionSmartNcall BasicSmartNcall Pro
ARSCustomer-specific narration provided for calls made to the representative numberOO
Inbound customer consultationRegistration and editing features for customer management, and features for consultation are provided (Consultation history, callback history, call history, missed call history)OO
Outbound customer consultationRegistration, distribution, and recovery in customer ExcelOO
Multi-representative number supportStaff can be operated by each representative numberOO
WearingFrom multiple representative numbers, the number that is called is displayed to the staffOO
Record callRecall call and download (1 year storage)OO
Text MessageSend message (SMS, LMS, MMS), use of message templates, and schedule messages for sendOO
StatisticsView daily and monthly statistics and download as ExcelOO
Real-time MonitoringMonitoring of staff statusOO
Call InterceptionReal-time interception of staff callO
Display customer levelShow VIP or blacklist per customerO
DO NOT CALLPrevent outgoing calls to registered numbersO
Guard callIf there is difficulty with consultation, proceed with the guide narration, and end the callO

Adoption Case

[Rental] Rental customer attraction and subscription call center

Need to classify various products into representative numbers for operationReduced the number of phones, which were assigned for each representative number, to one phone so efficient operation of staff per number is possible

[Mobile subscription] Open mobile phone number and subscription call center

Needed to assign a dedicated staff per customerNew customers were assigned to a dedicated staff depending on certain conditions and customer data was provided to the staff to increases sales and manage efficient number of staff

[Home appliance registration for warranty repairs] Call center for troubleshooting and registering for warranty repairs

Need for systematic operation due to writing on Excel using normal telephonesIncrease efficiency of the counseling service by responding quickly after automating consultation information data

[Home shopping sales] Sales of products through advertising

Need to consult various products and link to internal ITMinimized consultation time for each product using internal linking and reduced operating costs by allowing flexible operation of consulting staff


Separate VAT
TypeNo contract period1 year2 year3 year
SmartNcall Basic (Per user/Month)80,000 KRW75,000 KRW65,000 KRW55,000 KRW
SmartNcall Pro (Per user/Month)100,000 KRW90,000 KRW80,000 KRW70,000 KRW
Telephone + Headset (Per unit)100,000 KRW50,000 KRWFree
Pause Service (Per user/Month)20,000 KRW10,000 KRW

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