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Naver Maps API Provides the Highest Level of Map Service

A variety of features are provided so that you can apply NAVER Maps to web services or applications.
You can display various types of information on the map, such as simple routes, nearby restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Reliable Data
Naver Maps is comprised of reliable information derived from the professional institutions that are affiliated with Naver. It is under continuous development and improvement, building on the long term experience of maintaining and improving Naver Maps for many years.
No. The #1 Map Service of Korea
As the largest map service of Korea with the highest number of users, Naver Maps is always available with the latest information through continuous updates. It even reflects map correction requests received from Naver Maps users via email to provide the most up-to-date map.
Various Location-Based Services
Various API features related to maps, directions, and places that can be used in the fields of business such as logistics, control, communication, or distribution are provided. Using high quality map data and various features of the API, companies in the business of location and transportation can build a competitive service more easily and conveniently.
Retaining the Latest POI Data
The latest point of interest (POI) information used by the Naver Maps service is provided. Also a highly reliable ranking model is provided based on the number of Naver Maps search users and the number of clicks.
Easy Use
On the web-based console, you can conveniently handle various types of management tasks, such as service registration (register, change, and delete), setup of usage limits (daily/monthly), and checking usage statistics.

Detailed Features

High quality location and transportation based service is provided using the abundant data of Naver Maps.

Provided Services

Web Dynamic MapMobile Dynamic MapStatic MapTile MapDirectionsSearch PlacesGeocodingReverse Geocoding
ClassificationProduct NameProduct Description Provided Method
You can select according to the purpose of each service, such as static, dynamic, , or vector maps. You can also show the real picture of the location to the user.
Web Dynamic MapShows interactive dynamic maps with panning, zoom in, and zoom out features.O
Mobile Dynamic MapProvides the vector map feature used by the Naver Maps application by default.OO
Static MapReturns the map as images that can be displayed on the webpage based on the requested URL parameter.O
Tile MapProvides various types of maps as image tiles based on the requested URL.O
With the diverse types of data and real-time traffic information, Naver Maps provide the optimum route from the departure to the destination for the user.
DirectionsProvides route related information according to the departure and destination specified by the user.
(Features, such as car directions, are scheduled to be provided in the future.)
The user can search for a location using the address, phone number, or business name due to the high level of coverage for the location with abundant location data.
Search PlacesProvides place, business names or addresses as a search result on the query language entered by the user.O
GeocodingProvides detailed information, including coordinates, by receiving the text of the address.OO
Reverse GeocodingReturns the address information (dong designated by law, dong assigned for administrative purpose, land-lot based system, road name address system, etc.) from the coordinates.OO
(SDK 2.0)
(SDK 2.0)

Applicable Service

NAVER Real Estate

Service Usage Limit

- The usage limit of the Maps API can be adjusted directly from the service console.

Maximum Daily Limit (Times)Maximum Monthly Limit (Times)
Web Dynamic Map30,000,000100,000,000
Mobile Dynamic Map100,000,000100,000,000
Static Map30,000,000100,000,000
Tile Map300,000,0001,000,000,000
Search Places15,000,00050,000,000
Reverse Geocoding30,000,000100,000,000

- If you need to increase the service limit, please contact Customer Support.

Pricing Information

The Maps usage fee is charged based on the number of requested calls.

Service Classification서비스 상세Billing Unit (Times)Usage LevelUsage Fee (KRW)
Web Dynamic MapUsage Count-0.1 KRW / Time
Mobile Dynamic MapUsage Count-Free
Static MapUsage Count-2 KRW / Time
Tile MapUsage CountUnder 1,000,000 Times / Month500,000 KRW / 1,000,000 Times
Over 1,000,000 Times / Month300,000 KRW / 1,000,000 Times
Directions최대 경유지 검색 5개Usage Count-5 KRW / Time
최대 경유지 검색 15개Usage Count-20 KRW / Time
Search PlacesUsage Count-1 KRW / Time
GeocodingUsage Count-0.5 KRW / Time
Reverse GeocodingUsage Count-0.5 KRW / Time

The usage is determined by the number of uses. (※ However, The Tile Map will be rounded up to 1 million).

For more than 100 million usages of a Mobile Dynamic Map, please contact Customer Service.

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding are provided in various forms such as web, Mobile SDK, and REST API for convenient use. The fee will be charged based on each product rate per use, regardless of how the product is provided.

For example, if you use Geocoding independently from the REST API or Web SDK, you will be charged based on 500 KRW per 1,000 times of use.

[Information on Free Usage Promotion]

The free usage promotion will be provided by each Maps API for one year from January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2019 as below.

※ However, this promotion benefit will be provided to only one account per person for individual members, one per business member account, and once to business members.
For more information, see the free usage promotion guide.

Service Classification서비스 상세Billing Unit (Times)Promotion Benefits
Web Dynamic MapUsage CountUp to 6,000,000 usages per month free of charge
Static MapUsage CountUp to 3,000,000 usages per month free of charge
Directions최대 경유지 검색 5개Usage CountUp to 60,000 usages per month free of charge
최대 경유지 검색 15개 Usage CountUp to 3,000 usages per month free of charge
Search PlacesUsage CountUp to 750,000 usages per month free of charge
GeocodingUsage CountUp to 3,000,000 usages per month free of charge
Reverse GeocodingUsage CountUp to 3,000,000 usages per month free of charge

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