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​DeepFinder, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution optimized for the cloud and can be applied in real-time without changing the existing network configuration.
Even if the traffic suddenly increases or events such as installation/failure/update occur, it stably provides seamless protection of the customer's web application.

Product Details

Respond to your security issues with DeepFinder.

SSL Securing Visibility

  • Security check without any decline in speed or performance even if the SSL traffic increases
  • Module type web firewall to filter the traffic decrypted by the web server without a system overload

HTTP/2 Support

  • Supports HTTP/2 in major web browsers
  • Nevertheless, if a web firewall which cannot support HTTP/2 is being used, there is a possibility of a security hole without being able to detect many web attacks when HTTP/2 is used for server communication.

Compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act

  • Prevents leakage of important information, provides a file forgery/tampering check, etc.
  • Responds to OWASP Top 10, top 8 vulnerabilities of the National Intelligence Service and PCI DSS 6.6 requirements

DeepFinder will assist you in safe operation of the web service.

Even when you are moving from an on-premise environment to a cloud platform, DeepFinder is your solution.

Even when you transfer to an IT infrastructure environment, the security system performance is maintained and the security policies are applied in real-time
(No downtime)

Integrated web server management in heterogeneous environments throughout the world, Achieve it with DeepFinder.

Enhance the efficiency of operating security through integrated management with DeepFinder manager on the web applications of domestic and foreign heterogeneous environments

Realize fast web security without downtime using DeepFinder

Wide Range of Support

  • Supports various cloud platforms
  • Supports IDC/Hosting environment
  • Supports Docker, Vagrant, BeenStalk, Cloud Formation, etc.
  • Can be combined with the existing backend system (AI, machine learning, SIEM) using API

Seamless Web Security

  • Installation/delete/update without interruption
  • Build without changing the existing network configuration
  • Renewal of license according to traffic volume not required
  • Redundant configuration (high availability) not required

Customized Server Security Management

  • Setup and management of policies by each customer account
  • Installation and integrated management regardless of region, infrastructure platform type, or web server type
  • Provides automatic security reporting and server health check dashboard
  • User notification when threshold value exceeds or an abnormal action occurs

Speed and Security At the Same Time

  • Auto Scaling without lowering the speed
  • Checks SSL encryption traffic without any decline in web server speed or performance
  • Enhances the efficiency of operating security because SSL certificate renewal and management are not required.
  • File forgery/tampering check
  • HTTP/2 Support

Differentiation of DeepFinder

Supported web serverApache, IIS, NginX, WAS(J2EE)IISApache, IIS, NginXApache, IIS
Provided languagesKoreanEnglishEnglishEnglish
Product CompositionManager-AgentStandaloneStandaloneStandalone
Provides integrated managerOXXX
Automatic reportOXXX
Real-time application and integrated management of security policiesOXXX
File forgery/tampering / file checkOXXX
Server monitoring (Application Performance Monitoring) DashboardOXXX
Integrated SYSLOG transferOXXX

Convenient Setup of Security Policy

Security policy. Too many choices make it harder to decide what and how to apply the settings.
DeepFinder can set the security policies according to your situation simply by classifying situations into three levels: Low, Medium, and High.

Policy Level ClassificationOverviewSetup Method
LowBasic PolicyApplied by default during installation
MediumLow policy + XSS (Cross-site Scripting) policyDirect setup by the user (a guide is provided) or
commissioned operation is possible. (Apply for security control service.)
HighMedium policy + response policyDirect setup by the user (a guide is provided) or
commissioned operation is possible. (Apply for security control service.)

Periodic monthly security report

Reporting is also easy and convenient! You can receive monthly security reports sent to the registered administrator email address on the desired date.

DeepFinder Configuration and Operation Method

DeepFinder is installed within the web server (application) to let the web server perform the security functions directly.
It is composed of an agent to activate the security module within the web server, and a manager to set up/distribute the security policies and conduct integrated management on agents.

Main Security Features

  • HTTP/2 Support
  • Detects and blocks Layer7 DoS attacks, brute-force attacks,
    and dictionary attacks
  • Responds to OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS 6.6 requirements, and the top 8 vulnerabilities of NIS
  • Binary check on the upload file
  • Scan for forgery of files per URI and scan for the creation of new files
  • Integrity check of web contents (verification by collecting the hash value)
  • Security policies on open software (e.g., Zeroboard, Technote, Gnuboard, public shopping malls, or blogs)
  • Detects and blocks file extension bypass upload attacks
  • Provides a URI-based IP control feature (X-Forwarded-For Identification)
  • Easy security policy management by everyone using web-based manager
  • User notification when threshold value exceeds or an abnormal action occurs
  • Provides an automatic security report. (Automatically creates and sends reports for each account)
  • Provides a server Health Check dashboard
    (Application Performance Monitoring)

DeepFinder is the web firewall supporting largest number of OS, web servers, and WAS.

Supported Range of DeepFinder

Web ServerIIS 6.0 or later
Apache 2.0 or later
NginX 1.8.x or later
Web Application Server (WAS)All J2EE authentication servers (Server 2008 or better, Java 1.6 or later)
Tmaxsoft JEUS 4.x , 5.x, 6.x
Apache Jakarta Tomcat 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
BEA WebLogic 5.1, 6.x, 8.x, 9.x
IBM Websphere Application Server4.x,5.x,6.x
Oracle Application Server 9iAS, 10gAS, OC4J
SUN Application Server 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Sybase EAServer 4.x, 5.x
Macromedia JRun 4.x
Caucho Technology Resin 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
JBoss Application Server 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
Apache Jserv
Web ServerIntel Linux Kernel 2.6.x or later 32/64bit (CentOS, Redhat, and Ubuntu, etc.)
Microsoft 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016
  • If you are using a web server not specified on the new web server or in the example, please make a separate inquiry. (
  • Web servers that need to restart the service (NginX-1.8.x, WAS)


(VAT Excluded)
TypeProductUsage PriceNote
Basic ProductDeepFinder Agent60,000 KRW/monthPrice per web server
Additional option24-hour security control service60,000 KRW/monthThe price per web server which requires control.
Additional optionDeepFinder Manager150,000 KRW/monthPrice per unit.
  • If you choose the basic product, you can use the Agent (security module) only without the configuration of Manager.
  • If you select an additional security control service, installation, policy setup, 24-hour monitoring and security reporting service are provided.
  • Purchasing Manager is recommended if you are able to operate the web firewall directly. (Commissioned operation of Manager is also possible. An additional fee will be charged.)

Technical Support

Solution and Technical Support Inquiries

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