Quick and accurate detection of security threats that may occur while running mobile applications

To maintain a safe running environment for mobile applications and to guard against various security threats,
App Safer detects application tampering and mobile security intrusion attempts, and also provides analyzed results.
Rapidly respond to or block detected security threats by viewing information in real time.

Defense Against Various Mobile Attacks
App Safer makes use of mobile security detection technology that is already in use by Naver and LINE services.
App Safer protects your applications from all kinds of security threats like binary forgery and tampering, memory tampering, hooking, or device environment manipulation.
Easy and Convenient Use
There is no need for porting the API. You can simply upload an APK file and the security service of the App Safer is automatically applied. You can use the service quickly and conveniently by registering the application, managing settings, and checking the detection results all at once from a web-based console.
※ However, the current iOS application requires porting of the App Safe SDK directly by the customer.
Real-time Detection and Statistics
Check the security event detection history of applications registered in App Safer in real-time.
Also, you can easily check the detailed logs as well from intuitive graphs and charts.

Detailed Features Update

Provides a feature to detect various security threats targeting mobile devices.

Main Features Provided

Table of Main Features Provided
CategoryFeatureAvailabilitySupported OS
Source Code ProtectionObfuscationAvailableAndroid
Real-time Security DetectionDetection of Rooting and JailbreakingAvailableAppleAndroid
Detection of App TamperingAvailableAndroid
Detection of Memory TamperingAvailableAndroid
Detection of Speed HackAvailableAndroid
Service ManagementApplication Management Features (e.g. Register, Delete, or Change)AvailableAppleAndroid
Application Control Features (Stop and Run)AvailableAppleAndroid
Security Threat Detection Statistics
- Checking statistics via the console viewer
- Providing a statistical analysis file

Source Code Protection

1) Obfuscation

You can apply obfuscation and string encryption on Java codes to make third party code analysis difficult since it is the cause of security threat.
Also, you can set the range of obfuscation using simple settings.

2) Encryption

Encrypt the binaries related to DEX, SO, and Unity to defend against decompile actions for third party code analysis.

Real-time Security Detection

1) Detection of Rooting and Jailbreaking

Using the latest detection technology, rooting and jailbreaking in a mobile device where the application is running are identified to ensure that mobile application runs in a safe environment.
※ Rooting/Jailbreaking: A state where a user controls the mobile device operation by acquiring “superuser” rights of the operating system by force.

2) Detection of App Tampering

The execution of applications tampered by a third party is blocked as a response to the distribution of abnormal applications. Using this feature, you can prevent leakage of user information or service intrusions.

3) Detection of Memory Tampering

While app is running, memory tampering by a third party is detected to prevent intrusion into your service.

4) Detection of Speed Hack

While app is running, system manipulation behaviors by a third party is detected to prevent intrusion into your service.

Service Usage Method


Pricing Information

Billing UnitUsage Fee
MAD (Monthly Active Device)15 KRW/MAD

MAD: Monthly Active Device is the number of mobile devices that have activated App Safer during the month.

Additional fees will be charged for Cloud Log Analytics, which is mandatorily connected to App Safer. Please refer to the product rate plan for details.

Pricing Information

Case 1) If App applied with App Safer is deployed to 10,000 mobile devices and App Safer was executed in App on 7,000 mobile devices
→ 7000 MAD x 15 KRW / MAD = 105,000 KRW

Case 2) If there are two Apps applied with App Safer in 1 mobile device and each App was executed just once in the month
→ 1 MAD x 15 KRW / MAD x 2 Apps = 30 KRW

Case 3) If App applied with App Safer was executed 100 times in 1 mobile device
→ 1 MAD x 15 KRW / MAD x 1 App = 15 KRW

Cloud Log Analytics

※ The CLA fee is charged by combining the log storage fee and API call fee.

Billing Basis (Monthly)UnitBilling Amount (KRW/Unit)
Combined Log UsageProvided as default (1GB or less)0 KRW
Capacity (Per 1GB)800 KRW

Pricing Example

Case 1) If you store 10GB worth of application logs for 20 days, then store 20GB for the remaining 10 days of the month, the monthly average amount of data stored (GB-month) is as follows:
(Usage is calculated on an hourly basis, for 30 days in a month)
- Monthly average log usage = [10GB x (20 days x 24 hours) + 20GB x (10 days x 24 hours)]/720 hours = 13.3 GB-month
- Monthly log storage fee = 13.3GB-month x 800 KRW = 10,640 KRW

  • The data storage period is 30 days. After 30 days, the data is automatically deleted without prior notice.
  • API calls are used when you use the public API of CLA from external services. Currently, it is free of charge.

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