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MCCS Cloud provides failure monitoring and automated failover on servers, storage, networks, and applications to guarantee the continuity of your service.
It also provides optimized disaster recovery and high availability under the cloud environment through real-time block level cloning. (Cloud, Cloud-to-Cloud, and On-premise-to-Cloud)
On NCP, experience the best managed HA/DR service innovation with one-click for HA/DR provisioning and minimum TCO.

Product Details

Main Features

Server Clustering

  • MCCS operates all applications with stability 24/7 regardless of failure types, such as server, hardware, software, network, or storage failures.
  • MCCS protects all application types and minimizes downtime to several minutes - several seconds through server clustering.

Real-time Block Level Cloning

Data consistency of source and target is guaranteed with real-time block level cloning. MCCS supports all types of files and databases and important data is lost on failures and disasters.
An automated remote clustering is also possible via On-Premise-to-NCP by linking with an automatic failover.

Integrated Availability Management

Many distributed clusters can be managed in one place through a cloud-based global management center. You can also intuitively view statistical information related to availability with the availability report
and deploy information on HA/DR very easily.

Installation & Usage Guide

Reference: Installation and User's Manual (pdf format)


Provided UnitUsage Fee
1Set (Operating VM and standby VM)300,000 KRW/month
At the request of initial installation and configuration100,000 KRW/set

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

* 2 vCPU, 4GB memory or higher

* MCCS 4.4.3 (Linux / windows) is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Technical SupportㅣCustomer Service: 1833-7790/E-mail:
  • Product InquiriesㅣSales Division: 02-2136-6900/E-mail: