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ZConverter Cloud Migration provides technology to help you move your infrastructure to a cloud environment.
Whether your source server is Bare Metal, VMware virtual servers, or heterogeneous cloud, you can migrate your data, as well as OS, APP, and DB, to the NAVER CLOUD without any reinstallation.

Product Overview

주요 특징

Product Details

Main Features

  • Migration support between heterogeneous clouds
  • Cloud migration support between heterogeneous hypervisor environments
  • Conversion support for heterogeneous disk format (e.g. VMDK-> QCOW2-> VHDx)
  • Change of cloud disk size during migration
  • Replication support for block-level data replication (For Windows only)

Main Strengths

  • Minimized operating environment load (No Reboot)
  • A 99.9% migration success rate based on genuine OS imaging technology
  • 99.9% identical migration procedure
  • Korean language support for engineers and developers


With Cloud Migration, you can easily and safely migrate your on-premise servers to the cloud without any changes in the OS or application environment.

Cloud Users

  • A solution to reinstallation problem associated with cloud migration
  • Dramatically reduced migration cost and time due to the automated cloud migration technology
  • Minimize downtime and completely move onto a cloud environment without any changes

Cloud Migration Company, SI

  • Allows for new business opportunities from cloud migration services
  • Minimized workforce due to automated migration

Cloud Business Operator

  • Gain customers fast with easy migration
  • Fastest method for starting customer services due to the shorted migration time


ZC-CDC-MIG-1ZConverter Cloud Migration Per-Use250,000KRW / 1 time
ZC-CLM-SVC-SZConverter Cloud Migration Service300,000KRW / 1 time
ZC-CLM-SVC-AZConverter Cloud Migration Service(DB Server)600,000KRW / 1 time
ZC-RS-MIG-1 Cloud Migration Technical Support Per-Call
( 1 incident , phone & electronic support )
* Caller must have completed ZConverter training
200,000 KRW
  • Windows XP and Windows 2003 migration must be supported in H/W and Cloud environment.
  • Linux supports Redhat Enterprise / CentOS 4.x-7.x, Ubuntu 12.x-17.x, OpenSUSE 11.x-12.x.
  • Upgrades for OS, application, and DB is not supported (e.g. Win2003 cannot be upgraded to Win2008 or Win2012)

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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  • Telephone: 02 +82 (0)2-7637~8 (Weekdays, 9AM - 6PM)

* Please contact us for more details.