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IGINI Management guarantees operation stability of online advertising services of advertising agencies based on optimized, nonstop load balancing architecture.
IGINI Management allows you to run the platform server, storage, image server, web service, maintenance, etc. while also providing information on viewers of online advertisements.
IGINI Management provides you an integrated management tool from application to platform. With this solution, the advertising agency is able to guarantee stable online advertisements to their clients.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Differentiated services and solutions from a management specialized company are provided, including consulting > training > architecture implementation > server transfer > operation > monitoring > optimization > failure response > periodic report.
  • The advertising agency can configure an optimized operation environment according to the client’s characteristics and their operating conditions. (Consultation on structure and costs are provided.)
  • You can build and manage a nonstop load balancing platform for online advertising.
  • You can identify that the client website or the advertisement page will become inactive quicker than the client.
  • You can notify the client of the number of visitors accessing the advertisement page in real-time.
  • The server operation status can be provided to the customer on a separate screen.

Detailed Features


  • Operating environment analysis for the advertising agency.
  • Provides an optimized cloud configuration plan for advertising events and promotions.
  • Training on online advertising operation platforms and management.

Configuration of Online Advertising Platform

  • Configuration of nonstop load balancing structure using server, load balancer, NAS, image server, and cloud DB.
  • Configuration of a safe advertising platform using Auto-Scaling and Security
  • Real-time monitoring of client websites and advertisement pages.

Provides an Integrated Management Feature

  • Consulting: Designing an optimized structure according to advertisement content and composition.
  • Training: Training for understanding the Naver cloud service and platform.
  • Implementation of Architecture: Implementing integrated architecture by interconnecting additional features with Naver's cloud service.
  • Server Transfer: Transferring online advertisement related configurations and existing customer related configurations to a stable cloud environment
  • Operation: Providing an operating system to prepare for an increase of connected users
  • Monitoring: Composite monitoring of platform and platform configuration resources
  • Optimization: Providing optimization while operating

Installation & Usage Guide

Training materials are provided in the training course.


Operation Service

UnitBasic ManagementPremium Optional ServicePricingSupported Details
Server100,000 KRW-Monthly RatesOperation service fee per server
Application of an image server-100,000 KRWMonthly RatesImage server configuration (File Storage + CDN)
※Excluding image upload fee
Application of Auto-Scaling-200,000 KRWMonthly RatesDeveloper consultation for Auto-Scaling
Explanation of program configuration plan for developers
Management of Auto-Scaling configuration/test/application
Customer management screen-100,000 KRWMonthly RatesProvided if the client wishes to view the server status screen.
※Excluding the building cost
Initial setup support500,000 KRW-One initial supportInitial setup of Naver cloud service and other supporting tasks (Period: two weeks after signing contract).
※ Free of charge for the basic management contract

Consulting Service

UnitType Pricing Notes
ConsultingBasic Consulting500,000 KRWOne-timeCreating the best plan (structure, period, and cost) for transferring the existing environment to the Naver cloud service environment.
Professional Consulting5,000,000 KRWOne-timeConsulting to transfer and optimize 20 or more servers.

IGINI Management v3.0 for AD Agency

Recommended Server Specifications

An architecture-based service is provided after analysis of the online advertisement of the advertising agency.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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