Staging environment


  • Integrated log analytics

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides integrated analytics services for logs across multiple servers. You can therefore identify and analyze problems without the hassle of having to access an individual system when a server stops or an error occurs. You can also drastically improve the efficiency of your service operation by using log history and search filtering.

  • Intuitive dashboards and various metrics

    Managing large amounts of data in a systematic way is extremely important. NAVER Cloud Platform’s analytics products help you run your services by providing a wide array of features, from intuitive dashboards and various metrics to alerts. You can also integrate with other NAVER Cloud Platform products to leverage all kinds of log data easily .

  • Real-time data collection

    Get access to NAVER’s proven data collection and analysis technologies straight on the NAVER Cloud Platform. The collection of reliable, real-time data and its effective analysis are crucial in closely monitoring different service statuses. This enables you to extract data and improve the quality of your services.