• Enhanced debugging and server operation efficiency with integrated log analysis

    NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM provides a service for integrated analysis of the logs generated from many servers. This allows you to identify and analyze problems without the hassle of having to access the system individually when the server hangs or fails. You can also drastically improve the operation efficiency using the log records and filtering search features.

  • Intuitive dashboard and diverse metrics

    Systematic management of vast amount of data is very important to systematically manage. Analytic products on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM provide various features, such as intuitive dashboard, diverse metrics, and notifications to help you effective operation your services. Also, you can easily link with various other NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM products for the easy utilization of various logs.

  • Quality improvements and effective response to issues with real-time data collection

    We provide a verified technology for data collection and analysis via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM for a reliable collection of real-time data and effective analysis to monitor the service status appropriately. With technology, you can extract various types of information and enhance your service quality.