• Power your data with a managed analytics platform

    Exploiting vast amounts of information can radically improve your company's performance. NAVER Cloud provide a managed analytics platform services to help businesses harness the power of big data and derive the core company values. It offers a broad set of open source tools and frameworks optimized for your needs to help reduce infrastructure management burden. NAVER Cloud analytics platform is actually composed of many individual technologies, data collection, data movement, big data analytics and machine learning, and more.

  • Intuitive dashboards and various metrics

    Managing large amounts of data in a systematic way is extremely important. NAVER Cloud Platform’s big data and analytics services help you run your services by providing a wide array of features, from intuitive dashboards and various metrics to alerts. You can also integrate with other NAVER Cloud Platform products to leverage all kinds of log data easily.

  • Secure data analysis

    NAVER Cloud Platform keeps your data secure when it is stored in the cloud with its security technology that has been verified by a number of domestic and international certifications. In addition, it uses homomorphic encryption-based analytics to prevent data leakage and remove security risks.