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The modular plant factory lets you gain income with increased quality and volume by optimizing a cultivation environment for the plant type.
It is a sealed type solution for growing plants via remote control and massive data, which allows for cultivation of plants under any external environment, 365 days a year.

Product Details

X-EYE PAP(Precision Agricultural Platform)Service

Service Level Detailed DescriptionProducts for Sale
Basic · The farmer manages environment information (growth information by each stage of cultivation), photograph information, jobs for each stage, prediction of production quantity, and more from the smartphone.
· Providing online/offline sales service on the crops of specific level or higher by determining the reliability of entered information.
· Smartphone app service – Charges on the use of additional features.
· Agricultural product sales agency fee.
IoT · For the Basic Level, the condition of crops condition are entered using IoT sensors, CCTVs, or video filming devices suitable for the crop/cultivation facility. This increases productivity and stability with systematic management of the cloud AI service.
· Supplies agricultural products that people can trust and feel safe to eat by managing the entire cultivation, harvest, and sales process with the cloud service.
· Supplying IoT services and IoT sensors.
· Equipment to acquire image information: CCTV, video filming robot, and rail image filming equipment, etc.
· Service fees for product promotion, sales, and distribution.
Control · For the Basic and IoT level, the cultivation environment is controlled according to the growth conditions of crops to maximize production and ensure the best quality by automatically controlling the best growth environment.
· Implements a precision smart farm using crop cultivation facility and crop cultivation robots that can conduct precision farming.
· Sale of control service.
· Sales of facility for precision smart farm.
· Quality certification devices and packing devices.
· Sales of robots, such as for harvesting and fumigation.
· Sale of the devices to connect with existing smart farm devices.

X-EYE PAP(Precision Agricultural Platform) Control Service

  • Controls the cultivation environment according to the growth conditions of crops to provide a crop production service with best quality, maximized production, and working efficiency by automatically controlling the best growth environment.
  • Supplying the control device to link with the existing smart farm system.
  • Supplying the "Cheotsong" smart farm mushroom cultivation system and aquafarming system.
  • Supplying quality certified devices.

“첫송” Smart Farm 버섯 재배 시스템

· 온도/습도/이산화탄소/풍량 등 항시 자동 조절로 최적의 버섯 재배

사계절 고품질의 작물 생산으로 안정적인 수익 창출

· 클라우드 정밀 스마트팜 서비스를 통해 모든 환경 요소 원격 확인 및 제어 가능

인터넷을 통한 환경 요소 원격 확인 및 제어로 관리비 및 인건비 절감

· 모든 구성 요소가 하나로 일체화되어 최적 제어 가능

저온/상온/조명 등 단일 장비의 자동 통합 제어

Advantages of Introduction

Switching to data-based agriculture

High-quality and highly profitable crops can be produced with the “data-based agriculture” using accumulated data

TypeBefore - Experience-based agricultureAfter - Data-based agriculture
Sowing · Subjective selection of species
· Based on the experience of sowing period
· Purpose-oriented development/selection of species
· Determination of sowing period based on the environmental data
Cultivation/Management · Fertilization/watering depending on the farmer's experience
· Farming work dependent on workers
· Pest control after confirming the symptoms
· Precise prediction and control of fertilization/watering
· Automated/mechanized farming work
· Concurrent management of symptoms and predictions
Harvest/Storage · Determination of harvesting period based on the experience
· Harvesting dependent on the labor force
· Determination of harvest based on quality/distribution information
· Automatic sorting/packing work
Processing/Distribution · Determination of quality dependent on visual inspection
· Distribution/sale based on experience
· Standardized quality for commercialization
· Distribution/sale based on real-time market information
Overall · Dependent on farmer's experience and know-how
· Inefficient crop management
· Passive response to changes in the climate, environment, and market
· Precise prediction based on the accumulated data
· Precise prediction and efficient management of farming work
· Active response to changes in the climate, environment, and market



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Technical Support

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Use Cases

Shiitake at First Sight

Production of mushrooms by securing the growth database with the advanced technology of Suhwooms

  • Maintains the optimized mushroom growth environment of 7-15 degrees
  • Maintains an optimum humidity of 60-95%
  • Eliminates CO2
  • Plans, produces, and ships the best products with eco-friendly organic farming techniques
  • Connects with the distribution units

Production quantity (based on 3.5 kg per batch)

  • Area: 4 building sections, 40 ft container type, 1 building section for refrigerating warehouse, 1 equipment storage area
  • Control device, network facility, and CCTV system for ICT-based integrated control
  • Thermo-hygrostat, temperature-humidity sensor, IoT sensor, etc.
  • Production cycle: 3 cycles
  • Production quantity per batch (per cycle): 250 g – 350 g
  • Average monthly production: About 500 kg per container
  • White shiitake mushrooms: About 40%, Whole mushroom: 20%, Young, shredded mushroom: 40%
  • For other products, it takes two workers to cultivate 50 kg of mushroom with pins removed (per container)
  • The “Cheotsong” smart farm mushroom cultivation facility is scheduled to be extended

Method of Sale

  • Selling through
  • Selling gift sets to supermarkets and local food stores
  • Selling through internet shopping malls
  • Production of processed food products within the national food cluster industrial complex
  • Manufacture and sale of processed food products: Snack, tea, powder, and freeze-dried foods
  • Exporting processed food products to China and Japan